Former MP – Otto Ishaa Amiza: “The syndicate politics of Luweero bush war Generals”

Isaah Otto Amiza - former Oyam South MP. File photo

Gen Yoweri Museveni and Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde will face-off in 2021 polls. Courtesy photo

By Issah Otto Amiza

On Tuesday, 4 March, 2020, I learnt that Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde who until recently was Museveni’s Minister for security and above all was responsible for the harassment, bribery of votes, intimidation of the opposition in the last concluded elections of 2016, have now come out to announce his candidature for Presidency in 2021.

Remember, Gen Henry Tumukunde was a very dangerous spy master as per his records, and remember he’s one of the few Generals who’s believed to be very close to the family of President Museveni; either through the wife or through other family members. He’s a relative of the house, and Tumukunde was involved in the iron fist battle with his other dangerous General, Kale Kayihura to the extent that all of them found themselves temporarily in the face of the people out of State because, I said temporarily in the face of the people because it was also a game which President Museveni and his [team] people always do when it comes to playing with the minds of Ugandans.

They pretend among themselves; they do something when they want to clear something and they think other people don’t follow them.

So, to me I took his declaration of standing for presidency is another serious joke but a very dangerous move that the Luweero bush war comrades who are predominately the Banya-Rwanda-Ugandan people to be a very serious matter which other Ugandans should look at it very carefully and follow this people slowly – not in a rush.

I have only known Kizza Besigye who publicly protested in writings, walked out of NRM, declared intention to stand for President against Museveni and indeed history tends to demonstrate to me that I think even if he was playing syndicate with his fellow people, he has been enjoying a bit of the brutality; I have seen and I think if they were in syndicate they would not  torture him to that extent; at least they would have had some sympathy the way they handle people like Mughisa Muntu and so on.

So, it has been Besigye to me that, seemingly out of the Luweero bush war group was really troubled by the way Museveni has been governing Uganda. But these other people, you can’t understand them because all these people who were in the bush, all these people who actually supported Museveni’s hate campaigns, the leadership and people of northern Uganda, and to uproot the northerners from power [because that was their objective]; I think all these people with their hate campaign and hate propaganda and demoralization of northerners and so on; all of them had a very bad heart, you know, towards the people of Uganda. Because why do you find Gen Benon Biraro (RIP) also coming out to be President? Gen Museveni  has remained stacked; he doesn’t want to leave Uganda – he just wonder how he will leave Uganda. He has been struggling to build his family system. The son has been promoted in a sky-rocketing manner to the highest position in the army which clearly shows that there is something which is being planned for him as a family. You see the mother – is running to be Minister of everything – Minister of Karamoja, Minister of Education  and so on but  wonder her profile that they are still insisting – both of them; they should be a round the power.

You look at other General – the brother [you know] remains a strategic silent reserve President in the name of General Akandwanaho Salim Saleh. He’s just a quite reserve [he’s actually the President]. You go to ‘Gen’ Amama Mbabazi [in quote]. Amama being an architect of this battle has not been a direct soldier but he has been the brain behind this thing. You see he also came out he wants to be the President.

You see Gen Mugisha Muntu, he could not serve under FDC because either Besigye was blocking him or somebody else from the East Amuriat is coming to head FDC he must come out and be President. Now you see Gen Tumukunde – he wants to be President. You even heard some of the people who passed on like Gen Aronda Nyakarima (RIP) – those ones, Gen Noble Mayombo (RIP), Gen. James Kazini (RIP) even those people you would hear they were nursing Presidential ambitions – to be Presidents.

Now, the question I have: If you cross over to Rwanda, the same Luweero bush war people are the same people who are the president and leaders of Rwanda. Gen. Paul Kagame was an army commander in our village – he’s a President there with all other people who came out through this Luweero bush war; they just want to be Presidents.

Now, what is causing me concern is that when these people were going to the bus, they claimed the northern leadership headed by UPC Obote was tribalistic, and was more of a tranny, it was suppressive and they were exploitative. But if you follow what has been going on over time – all these Generals – 30 years or more they have been in the loot together! But again, after a loot somebody pretends as if I want to be President, the other ones jump out I want to be President when they have all amassed wealth which cannot be shared by everybody; can even feed Uganda – all of them – those individuals.

And then secondly, these people who have been talking of tribalism; Lango, Acholi, now you have only one tribe. All these people you hear, the Nyaika, the what! are either a Bahaoro, a Mukiga, a Munyakole, Muhima or a Munyarwanda. It’s only one tribe, one solid tribe which manifest in different forms.

If you go and look at the people who gave them sanctuary to host their war in Buganda; the Baganda people – they are nowhere to these top positions; nowhere, they are nowhere near to this power and you don’t hear any Muganda General or a Muganda Brigadier or a Muganda what coming to say I’m also going to be President. So you wonder what the plan behind the Luweero bush war.

This is the question. Where they don’t want to leave power but each of them all want to be President and all of them are coming, pretending to be President; I think there is a lot of pretense in this people’s politics and I think the conspiracy behind Ugandans by this people whom I have described before are very-very dangerous. At least people should not take Tumukunde’s issue of Presidency jokingly.

It’s just the same syndicate Amama came with to try to finally destroy opposition. How did Amama again turn back to become a very close person to President Museveni and now he’s near to become another President. How? When he said Museveni had dome wrong and now he wants to correct Uganda, want Uganda to move forward. Now moving forward is moving backward behind Museveni. What is the logic? So, I am warning and cautioning other people of Uganda who are outside the bigger tribes I have described to be extremely careful of these people because these people in my view are very dangerous people and in my view they don’t love Ugandans.

In fact, if Ugandans don’t study them and understand what they are going for or what they went for to the bush – Ugandans will turn themselves down and Uganda will never resurface again. All they are trying to do, the way they do it tend to take Uganda to appoint where we shall end up to a failed State like in Somalia – where people will be shooting each other and killing each other and yet those of us who have been suppressed from other regions and so on we have nothing, we have nothing – we don’t have anything to defend ourselves whole they will be shooting at people.

So, why should every Generals who went to Luweero bush war or even a civilian to Luweero bush war want to be President? This is the question. Why would Museveni also be stacked, he doesn’t want to leave, he’s promoting his family to the highest position, his fellow people whom he went with to the bush – all of them want to be President – Gen Muntu, Gen Tumukunde, ‘Gen’ Mbabazi, Gen Kayihura – every General wants to be President. You could say ‘Gen’ Kizza Besigye – all of them and of the same greater tribe. What plan do these people have, conspiracy against the people of Uganda. Ugandans must investigate this and it’s not a joking matter, trace this people’s origin, interest and their focus otherwise this country will be swallowed one day.

It’s no longer about standing for President but it is about who are these people. Who are they? They had the same conspiracy when they were young – they went to the bush without any justifications. They have remained in power for all these 20 to 30 years stealing everywhere. You don’t know the whole country is taken up by these people.

Now, all of them, by the time they should be retiring, General Elly Tumwine abusing every Ugandan and he’s wielding all kinds of powers, and he wants to show everybody that he’s a God not even  a human being and again they all want to remain and be President. What is the logic really? Who has told them human being only remain president, only remain in power – I think Ugandans should be cautious about the reemergence of Tumukunde, about the reemergence of Mbabazi around Museveni, about another emergence of another General whom we don’t know because there’s a serious conspiracy and people who follow people anyhow in the name of the stolen money, I want to caution them particularly our young people who are either in opposition or who don’t know much because of poverty, because of unemployment and suffering they are in they would be running after these people for money should be cautions because they will pay with their own blood.

The writer is a political activist [consultant], UPC Secretary General and a former Oyam South Member of Parliament – 9th Parliament

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