Bosmic: I’m now safer in NRM, those insulting me should be very careful

Otim Bosmic is among over 1000 students urged by UNEB to resit Senior Six this year. Courtesy photo.

Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim – the former People Power coordinator for Acholi sub-region has vowed to support the government of National Resistance Movement [NRM] party and die in it.

Mr Otim – Bobi Wine’s best ally before they badly fragmented – in a video now viral on social media says he had not been in a serious contact with People Power for about three months.

Five days ago, a phone conversations between the two singers leaked with both Bobi Wine and Bosmic Otim talking lengthier on their issues. In the hot phone chats, the latter accused Mr Wine of neglecting him by flying abroad alone – leaving him in acute poverty, among other challenges.

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Now, in a fresh video clip, the northern Uganda singer says so many insults have targeted him, many saying “Otim is just ignorant and useless. Thank you”. He went on to say, “In this world you first contest. We have been contesting for the future, no that you have stopped my contest prematurely because your leaders have run to fight me from top; fighting me atop electric pole so that those who are down just imagine I’m no longer in the game; no problem – thanks.”

According to Otim, what brought him problem is politics. “When I made my intention to contest, several fights engulfed my body; until yesterday when it was made clear. No problem, life is still there.”

“I will support government because I have come to realise that those who used to abuse me, insult me all were hiding under the umbrella of government; now I have also come to government. Inside the same hole, there is cat, the same hole there is rat, snake; I give thanks. We will mix up inside there, thanks. I won’t cry alone, I will cry with all useless people.”

“I say I’m no longer a contestant; you turn the gun onto another people. First threat has been sealed; first threat has seen a harvest sack sealed-off. You start looking for the second threat and start fighting it. Me, mine has ended here… I will support government, I will die in government. Whoever want to support me, first love government and call my phone, write me a letter, leave government and call my phone…. I will come because I fear for my body.”

“The reason why i quit people power and defected to government because from that side we were damaged. Me and those people, People what….we were damaged for three months we never talked. I was myself and it’s what you people didn’t know. Government has open ears. So if they think Otim is not with People Power, this is our opportunity and we have to use it. I’m living to protect my life and to continue with other different tasks I can do. I’m not in political contest. This talk you people had embraced strongly that Otim was going to contest, disturb us, coming to unseat for us someone, I’m not in it. Officially I’m not in it. You people continue and God bless you.”

“Whoever will continue to insult me stupidly, you will do so at your own risk. I’m a rebel leader for long and the whole World knows. If you put a lot of your body in insulting me, I pray they don’t rebuke me. Thanks. Me, I’m for myself like I have no place in this world and it has been confirmed by you that I have nowhere in this world to go. For 15 years I have been struggling for my tribe [Acholi]. I did advocacy, defending the land musically, sensitizing my people. Now that you have all spit saliva on me, those in the forum I often see you abusing me, you be careful with abusing me, I’m not in the game – let me be.”

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