Lira mayor, technocrats and councillors tipped how to minimise fraud

Kasese Municipality Mayor Mr Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga [standing]. Looking on [R] in Lira Municipal Council Speaker Mr Ogwang Geoffrey Ogwal.

Public Announcement

The Kasese Municipality Mayor, Mr Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga could have been a prophet of either prosperity or doom when he addressed visiting councillors and technocrats of Lira Municipal Council on Tuesday.

As it can be recalled, Lira municipality has been at the centre of controversies that saw the former town clerk, Mr Samuel Ahabwe unceremoniously transferred because he and the mayor, Mr Mike Ogwang Olwa Veve were in a complete mismatch.

While addressing the visiting team from Lira Municipality on Tuesday, Kasese Mayor, Kabbyanga tipped his visitors on the best managerial and administrative practices they ought to observe for development to thrive.

Mr Kabbyanga first forward warned that the Mayor and councillors or politicians should avoid demanding petty monies from the Town Clerk or technical staff or else they will get compromised.

“The moment this technical staff realize that you like money, you are finished because they will make millions in deals and only give you a hundred thousand shillings and you become a hundred thousand shillings mayor,” Mr Kabbyanga said, attracting huge applause from councillors of Lira municipal council.

Using himself as an example, Kabbyanga said he only visits the office of his Town Clerk for “serious business but not to ask for money”.

“Even when I have official trips to Kampala and I have no fuel, I will borrow money from my business friends in town, but the Town Clerk should ensure that my travel allowance and emoluments are on my account and I don’t have to remind him,” he reveals his approach.

He also advised Lira municipal leaders that it is “wrong to always parade technical staff or a Town Clerk before the Council to demand explanations on technical matters from them before the Council” – adding that this “could be handled before the executives”.

Meanwhile, Lira Municipality Mayor, Mr Mike Ogwang commended Kasese municipality for hosting them for the study tour and said “it offered then the opportunity to learn best practices that will transform Lira Municipality”.

Lira Municipal Councillors and their hosts gather for a ‘training’ on best management practices.

He did say that Lira Municipality would soon have a modern bus terminal following his visit to Abu Dhabi. He encouraged Kasese to visit Lira too, which he described as “an investment and industrial metropolitan”, citing the vast production of oil seeds.

Lira Municipality councillors headed by Speaker Geoffrey Bosco Ogwal visited among other places; Kilembe copper mines, a one stop centre hot springs, an abattoir and Kibuku Irrigation Scheme.

Meanwhile, some councillors have expressed concern on the deteriorating state of affairs back home after they were challenged by what they saw in Kasese.

“I imagine how clean the streets are, no vendors by the road side, no cavera and even smallest roads are tarmacked, but go to Lira municipality, one wonders what our local revenue is doing, some councillors, in unison, lamented.

This is not the first time that Lira Municipality councillors and other leaders have been on a study tour to learn best practices to replicate home. They have previously been to Jinja to learn about E- revenue collection, Fort Portal on solid waste management.

They have used tax payers’ money too, and traveled to Arua and Mukono Municipalities – respectively.


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