Being a CEO with projection – underperforming team

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Being a CEO of an institution or a company is not and should not be for prestige but showing great management skills to produce results. He or she should be a team player – and advisable.

A CEO should outpace projections and drive massive growth, encourage a top leadership team with all pulling on the matching string. A CEO, like him or herself awarded for doing great work, must allow others in the company to be compensated for their success.

The stiffest part about being a CEO is building a rock-star leadership team who can turn your visualisation into reality.

Having talented executives on your team doesn’t make it a high-performing team.

Without a high-performing leadership team that dream for business growth that exceeds expectations can become a nightmare:

A CEO should avoid the followings:

  • Putting out fires everyday instead of focusing on growing the business.
  • Every day, it seems like there’s some new drama only the CEO can solve – not those under him.
  •  Being terrified to delegate big stuff to the team because deep down, you’re scared they will drop the ball.

Note that without a high-performing leadership team, being a CEO is going to be an interminable job.

Just a few CEOs are deploying a stealthy policy to build a culture of excellence into the core [fulcrum] of their company and creating double figure growth rate.

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