Exclusive: ‘Won Nyaci’ Odongo Okune continues to receive Lango rejection

Eng. Odongo Okune after his enthronement years ago. File photo.

Did you know?

  • Another Lango elder, Dr Dan[iel] Okello – also a Guna clan chief has often criticised Eng Odongo Okune of seizing cultural power and causing confusion.
  • Eng Odongo Okune was dragged to Court and Court later ‘ruled in his favour’
  • In 2017 – two of his allies – Rev Okeng George denounced him. Same day in the evening, Mr Okeng swiftly made a u-turn after one of Uganda’s dailies published his interview in which he denounced Dr Eng Odongo Okune. That same year, Col Tonny Otoa – the outgoing Abwor clan chief, told media at Lira Central Police Station that “no election” was held to elect Mr Odongo Okune as the next Won Nyaci, because those to manage election were held by police.

Lira – Lango self-proclaimed and also Court installed “Paramount Chief”, Dr Engineer Michael Moses Odongo Okune is continuing to face more criticism and resistance from a section of leaders and groups in Lango sub-region.

On 21, February 2020, the ex-Uganda Road Fund boss attended a memorial mass for those killed by LRA rebels in Barlonyo in 2004.

Mr Odongo appeared for the prayers in his capacity as “Paramount Chief” and was later seen planting trees in memory of those massacred, thought to be about 305.

But during his speech at the cenotaph event, former Lands Minister also the clan Chief of Otengoro-olang, Honourable Daniel Omara Atubo ‘jibed’ Eng Okune, accusing him of masquerading and impersonating Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii, who to him, is the legitimate Lango Paramount Chief of Lango.

“Odongo is a young man who should stop confusing Lango that he is the Paramount Chief”, Mr Atubo says, attracting handclapping from the crowd.

The former Otuke County MP soon added that Lango has only Mzee Yosam Odur as the Paramount Chief.

Mr Angiro Gutumoi, the area MP of Erute County North has also come out to clarify that Odongo Okune did not attend the event as the Paramount Chief. “I did not recognise him as Paramount Chief of Lango,” MP Angiro added.

The third group of young people who support People Power Movement have also distanced themselves from Mr Odongo Okune.

The youths say much as they sat next to his tent during Barlonyo prayers, “We do not subscribe to his leadership.”

Below is their statement

“Let us put this clear. Contrary to what media houses are reporting about our working relationship with the “Paramount Chief” of Lango, Eng Micheal Odongo Okune, we wish to state that we are aware of the differences between the two Paramount Chiefs; i.e Odongo Okune and Yosam Odur.”

“We the People Power leadership of Lango do recognize cultural leaders from Awintong to Wonyanci who are pro youth, pro-development and pro unity.”

“During the memorial prayer in Barlonyo “His Highness Odongo Okune” availed himself as the Wonyanci and he was open to listening to us and that is how we had a small chat with him.”

“We wouldn’t want to be associated with the conflict in the current leadership of Lango and we shall continue to resist being dragged into any cultural, social and religious conflict.”

“We hope the indifference between the two Paramount Chiefs is solved amicably.” Michael Adonyo – People Power coordinator, Lira district

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