Girl who scored 4 agg in PLE from a poor family, finally joining S1

Fiona Ameri and her mother kneel to great members of Otikokin clan last week.

  • Otikokin clan is the first among many clans in Lango sub-region to do social media campaign to raise funds for their poor daughter to further her studies.

Lira – When Primary Leaving Examinations [PLE] results were released last month, it was all joy for Fiona Ameri and her family.

The joy was as a result of her assiduous efforts that saw her emerge as a star or rather one of the best performers in the 2019 PLE.

She sat from a private village school – the Grace school, now ranked as one of the best performing primary schools in the region.

Fiona Ameri got distinction one [D1] in all the four subjects.

But her joy and celebrations was short lived as it would later turn out that being from a poor background, she wouldn’t afford to further her education to secondary level.

Fiona lives with her mother and siblings in Omito, Lira district while her father from Otikokin clan teaches in Dokolo district.

Soon, her clan with efforts from one Bonny Olwa, the Kole North MP hopeful, started a campaign on social media platforms and reached out to fellow philanthropists within Otikokin clan headed by Sam Engola, the NRM Vice chairman for Northern Uganda.

Public Announcement

The brilliant girl, according to her admission seen by TND News has got placement at St Mary’s Aboke, owned by the Catholic Church.

And the figures indicate that she needs about shillings 600,000 to gain entry [be admitted].

Now, the social media campaign has yielded fruits, with Otikokin clan members, and other generous human beings raising shillings 520,000 which will now enable Fiona Ameri to go to school.

The financial support was handed over to her mother on Monday evening, TND News has learnt.

“We have come here to show our solidarity with your family and to show that as a clan, we support education and envisage a bright future for our children,” Jonny Olwa, flanked by George Apenyo, a clan elder told the family as he handed over the school fees.

PLE star, Fiona, smiled as she and her mother received the support has promised to do her best.

Fiona is not alone, statistics show that many girls like her drop out of school as a result of various challenges.

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