Commotion at Parliament: Why i think it was a State security operation – Asuman Odaka

Uganda's Parliament has in recent years been 'busy with dramas' - Courtesy photo.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 19th February, 2020, as usual i was glued onto UBC-TV watching the live Parliamentary proceedings from my office when a RED capped man jumped from the public/strangers’ gallery into  the “sacred” chamber  of Parliament leaving MPs scampering for their dear lives.

The afternoon debate was hot, it was one which separates men from boys, girls from women, schooled from educated, nationalists from self-seekers, monarchist from republicans, people centred from self-centred, issue cantered from money centred; in fact it separated leaders from followers on all matters including legislation. The debate was about Land.

I was as interested in this debate as I was during the debate on the removal of presidential age limit.

Understandably, the intransigence of this government, the arrogance of its officials, the corruption and extravagance of its leaders yet the ordinary person who are  taxed more and squeezed into poverty, can’t afford a meal, children no longer go to school, house rent  not affordable and general life is toughening with almost no hope of things changing in the near future to the better; it’s easy to think that people have given up and are capable not just to jump into the chambers of Parliament, but to do much worse than that.

When such unusual act happens, the majority rush to conclusion on how the people are now taking on the dictatorship by the horns.

Yes, this is possible but in the case of this one, to believe it, is to be lazy in thinking, it’s for the average thinking ordinary mind which I know you (the reader is not).

There are four issues that made me conclude that, this demonstration was never one but an activity planned by security and conducted by an operative because;

1. Why did it have to happen when ragging debate was about Land?

We all know issues about land in this country. We also remember that the proposal for land amendment was a twin to the age limit amendment. It was so hot that Dr. Museveni saw the entire country turning against him. Even when he personally went round the country trying to explain the project, Ugandan rejected it and Dr. Museveni was forced into tactical withdrawal to first deal with the removal of age limit.

Since then matters of land is a matter of life and or death for both the good Doctor Museveni’s side and to the general public.

Having failed to win through the civilised ways, Mr Museveni would certainly want the issue through all ways including having it passed but after creating a diversionary scene.

Anybody who was watching the events at Parliament remembers how my good sister, Namuganza was shabbily presenting the matter. The whole thing seemed shabby, disorganised, concealing something is in it. In fact, I strongly believe that if that debate was done in a free environment by sober people, the whole thing would have been rejected. So, what if the operation was to help the matter pass without much huddle?

2. Clearing grounds for Minister Janet Museveni’s appearance as demanded by the Speaker, Kadaga

The issue of Janet Museveni coming to Parliament to defend the ridiculous manner in which they are implementing their new curriculum had become tricky and the security, and especially the strategists were not sure of what the day would be.

The MPs had spoken tough and the public is protesting which necessitated an intelligent diversion which only a deceptive anti-government protest would make a good diversion but also give them cover to restrict the public enjoyment of areas around Parliament through heavy security deployment which has become a hallmark of a retreating regime yet they don’t want the MPs to question heavy security presence around their working places.

In fact anyone who was around Parliament that afternoon should have seen this heavy deployment and restrictions around the area.

3. Pre-emptive action to create ground to block people from the public gallery ahead of the debate on electoral reform?

One of the debates security and NRM are worried of next, are debates on the electoral reform which is beginning soon on the floor of Parliament.

The debates are likely to be very explosive and punctuated with violence much more than what transpired during the age limit debate.

The gorilla-inspired political style of NRM security apparatus is planning for hard and in advance. This protest has all the hallmark of how NRA operates and prepares for something they are not sure of.

4. Red cap significance

Red cap in the politics of Uganda as of now is not an ordinary massage.  It’s a massage of self-liberation, self-emancipation and self-awareness. It’s a massage the NRA is struggling to portray as drug addicts, lumpens, thugs and lovers of violence and struggling to contain.

They have already blocked all meetings of the force associated with it.

Therefore, it’s valid to suspect that security are creating grounds to launch final assault on the People Power supporters, and associating them with this daringly unthinkable act is to prepare the minds of the people of the terroristic treatment coming soon.

In summary, everything born of a snake must have a long tail. This demonstration is pure characteristic of the NRA.

It’s, therefore, very difficult to believe anything about these ladies and gentlemen.

The writer is an Aspiring MP, Tororo municipality 2021.

WhatsApp: +256 753 195 384, Email:

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