Why People Power is still the real power against Museveni

Bobi Wine and Kassiano Wadri's supporters in Arua last year. Courtesy/File photo.

Since 2008 to date, I have been in the trenches of Uganda’s opposition political activism uninterrupted.

This is coupled with high interest in reading Uganda’s political history; reading all sorts of political theories, speeches and life stories of icons of political activists.

Let me also state that i have been part of the forming, planning and or actively participating in nearly all efforts intended to peacefully and lawfully help Dr. Museveni out of power, including various civic formations and actions that confronted his government since then.

Ordinarily this makes me a veteran of Uganda’s political activism in my small way. And it’s from this that I draw my little authority to comment on political matters of my country.

From the month of November 2019 to date, the biggest political news on our various news outlets have been the bribery of what Dr Museveni and his NRM strategists; consider major pillars that anchor People Power to his side (the NRM). These have been mainly artists whom the politicians think are the crowd pullers.

I have watched with petty and increasingly emaciating, and fast slimming Dr. Mueveni dish out huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to buy out politically valueless artists, yet at the same time buy for them vehicles of which each can construct a health centre IV for many of his politically created district which are not economically viable.

Unknown to Dr. Museveni and his strategist is that People Power is not located in any of those people Mr Museveni is ditching taxpayers’ money to.

In fact, I can confidently say that even those artists taking Museveni’s money don’t know what People Power is and can’t locate its centre-bolt and the central nerve. If they ever lied to Dr. Museveni that they know or have iota of capacity to neutralise it, I would flatly call them ordinary conmen taking advantage of a desperate, power-thirsty former Sabalwanyi.

An immediate evidence that they were neither pillars in People Power nor located the central power nerve is the continuous humiliating treatments they are receiving from the same people who hitherto glorified their musical talents; now hitting and throwing plastic bottles filled with human urine to the embarrassment of the bought artists.

People Power is an ordinary man’s own revolution; so simplified is the massage, so propagated and very locally vested and owned is the struggle.

It’s the politics that political tacticians in NRM have failed to define, they have failed to locate and therefore will not succeed in curbing, it certainly appears like swimming against the wave.

What many have failed to know including some prominent figures who the public sees as instrumental in People Power is the kind of politics and stage of the contest.

Many are still playing the politics of election or balloting yet the software of People Power political construction is of liberation political nature. It’s a hardware. However it is dressed up as if it’s electoral politics certainly to confuse the opponent and lead him into committing irreversible strategic, tactical and operational mistakes. I see Dr. Museveni, the police, the army and other state agencies including the Electoral Commission committing every day to total advantage of People Power revolutionists.

Of course the play out of the contest is not understood by also many of our colleagues donning on the beautiful red barrettes. Understandably however, in a war situation, sometimes in an effort to confuse the enemy, you might need to confuse your friends too.

In liberation politics, nobody cares about the quality of the figure head, they don’t care about the message, not his background, not his political experience, not the level at which he comprehends complex state issues.

Fundamentally, there are critically two requirements in liberation politics: The charismatic lead figurehead and the slogan.

#HEBobiWine is only a figure head and #PeoplePower is the momentous slogan to turn the revolutionary wheels in the direction as required by its owners – the ordinary common Ugandans.

I can stake my eye that even if it were Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert himself who exited People Power, the next day he will face the wrath of the ordinary Ugandans who yearn for change.  This is to illustrate how useless and of no impact Dr. Museveni’s strategy is.

And useless because of two reasons: Dr. Museveni may never know the real planners of People Power and secondly he is directing his fire power not to the centre.

Dr. Museveni’s action has one fundamental danger, not to People Power but to the country (assuming it is to succeed).

The act of “buying” every influential person from People Power and reconciling with people likes of John Patrick Amaama Mababazi, Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya, among others is a desperate attempt to deny the movement credible leaders as they scorn, insult, belittle, abuse and undermine the figure head of the revolution.

These attempts are target less gamble because the ordinary man’s or people’s own revolution naturally ordains its leader not by nurture. But even then, Dr. Museven’s strategy is still reckless and dangerous.

What Dr. Museveni fears the most is being swept by a revolution which in his view, this People Mower Movement is inflaming. In the good, Museveni’s view is that if he bribes all the leaders the revolution will not have credible leadership.

He forgets however that he is creating a condition for a headless revolution which is the most dangerous and or undesirable to have.

First, people’s anger is being inflamed by the arrogance with which they bought (mis) leaders conduct themselves. The splash money extravagantly and show off with expensive rides bought using the money out of the extractive taxes of the regime.

Dr. Museveni’s days are certainly numbered as a President, even if he does what, he cannot have another 34 years if I can be extremely charitable with my mathematics.

If Dr. Museveni at all cared about the posterity and stability of this country, the most sensible thing to do would be to deliberately allow the distribution of credible, sensible, conscious and capacitated leaders across board, able to manage and continue his legacy long after his departure. It would be even sweeter if those continuing his legacy aren’t of his party.

In summary, Dr. Museveni and his strategist are dealing with the most complicated outfit they have never dealt with since they joined active politics. So amorphous, shapeless and slippery that has left Dr. Museveni either buying the people who deliberately put themselves on the political shelf of People Power to attract a price, or were put on the shelf by the planners to divert Dr. Museveni as the real planners are doing the work.

Despite the bribery, the brute and the intimidation, PEOPLE POWER IS STILL THE REAL POWER TO OUST Dr. MUSEVENI, BUT..! (In part 2, find out reason for …. *BUT*…..)

The writer is an aspiring MP candidate, Tororo Municipality 2021

WhatsApp: +256753195384

Email: asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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