No more grudge! NRM’s Eseru, Ngora RDC Onoria bury the hatchet

L-R: Mr Richard Ekotu Ms Deborah Aguti, Mr Eseru Paul, RDC AMbrose Onoia and Dan Mulalu after the meeting on Wednesday in Soroti.

Teso – The resentment, coupled with bitter arguments between two Teso sons have finally come to an end.

Mr Paul Eseru who’s the National Resistance Movement [NRM] party youth coordinator for Teso sub-region in the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) – Kyambogo and Mr Ambrose Onoria – the Ngora Resident District Commissioner have been hitting each other since December, 2019.

The two leaders’ acrimony arose after a road accident in which Eseru’s cousin brother was knocked by a brother to the RDC.

Although the RDC ‘promised’ Eseru he would humanitarianly intervene over the case, the latter never see the promise.

Both Eseru and Onoria has been hitting each other in Teso Development Forum – a WhatsApp group co-managed by Richard Ekotu.

However, on Wednesday, a meeting was convened by Mr Ekotu brought together the two rivals, who later agreed to bury the hatchet and work for the good of NRM party.

In his reconciliation message authored on 12 February 2020 and shared to TND News, Mr Eseru wrote – verbatim:

“To my friend, elder and Dad, Papa RDC Ambrose Onoria, within our inner circles; you know me better than anyone, so you must know that being emotional has always been my worst defect.

“However, I think I am getting over it, because I think our friendship is worth it. Therefore, I want to call a truce so that we can return to being the honest friends we were. Nothing in this world would make me happier. Let us raise a white flag, dear elder.

“I do not even remember nor effectively fathom why we fought, but hopefully you have also been able to get over the fight that drifted us apart and that we can get back together to being the best friends we have always been.

“From today’s fruitful discussion, i want to comprehensively conclude that, calm is here and assessing the situation with a fresh mind, I noticed that it makes no sense for us to continue separated. We all acknowledge our points of divergence.

“When you have the good fortune to have a good friend and elder, your friendship will last forever, no matter what problems you would have.

“While friendship is a strong bond, it is normal for there to be some tension occasionally, which may sometimes seem insurmountable. Every person has a different perspective of what happens in a discussion, it is normal.

“I want to move on, and you too in an equal proportion, so I say that as far as I’m concerned, it is all forgotten and I want us to best friends again.

“Let us leave what happened in the lateral or horizontal past where it belongs and continue with this beautiful friendship for the greater love of our NRM party, HE President Yoweri Kaguta and most importantly, unity with a purpose for us as Iteso in general.

“I lose nothing when i apologize for that obnoxious eventuality because i want to provoke reasonable humility to prevail and supersede arrogance.

“For that matter, my sincere and heartfelt apologies goes to you Papa RDC Onoria, to your family and to all those who were greatly offended and affected by our rift. I promise this won’t happen again.

“In a more thematic and gratifying manner I wish to thank all those brothers and sisters who have always sought for peace to prevail specifically Madam Deborah Aguti, our brother Richard Ekotu for sparing his valuable time to cause the meeting and Dan Mulalu for the indelible role. You are truly assets that Teso is blessed with.

“To you Mama Milly Babalanda, thanks so much for your motherly advice. I will forever be indebted to you for your Pieces of advice and I can’t thank you enough.
May God Bless you all.”
Emuria Koliai.
Eseru Paul

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