FoG uses peer-to-peer approach in reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence among youths in Oyam district

Youths being given condoms after being taught how to properly use it to help prevent HIV/AIDS.

Hundreds have so far attended and benefited from the Friends of Goodwill [FoG’s] free health services in Oyam district.

Public Announcement

In less than six months from last year, FoG – with support from the American Government under PEPFAR/ USAID and other stakeholders, reached out to beneficiaries – most of them youths.

The recent activities – held on 25 and 26 of January 2020 and again from 1 February to 2 February 2020, had three HIV awareness sensitization and one youth mobilization.

Woobalo-kuc youths queue-up for HIV test.

“The activity of youths mobilisation were conducted using peer to peer approach where a group of trained peer educators divided the youth into different age brackets and have them exchange issues on HIV/AIDS from what, how the virus is, targeting and preventive measures were collectively discussed with a number of questions and answers shared by participants while peer educators and champion of change give them appropriate answers to their numerous questions,” FoG’s Project Manager, Mr Jasper Adoko Okao, said.

In Te-Owelo – HIV sensitization was conducted by Mrs Aguti Joyce who’s the Kamdini sub-county Community Development Officer [CDO].

Also, Mr Eyoko Emmanuel, the health educator conducted similar activity in Woo-balo Kuc and Atapara trading centre, while Mr Acar Fidelity, the health inspector facilitated beneficiaries at Pida trading centre.

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These he added included, life skills training, junior farming which is simple but a lucrative agricultural venture, revealing, “It could help shape lives of young people, income generating activities.”

Women and other youths line up to be counselled and tested for HIV/AIDS.

According to FoG’s Project Manager, Mr Adoko, the activities were coupled by facilitators handling cross cutting issues that are a synonymous to HIV/AIDS prevalence in the community.

Proper and consistent condom use were handled and condoms distributed to the beneficiaries.

“Those who turned positive were referred to Pope John Paul Hospital, Aber commonly known as Atapara hospital for adherence counselling, enrolment and medication,” he added.

Implemented activities

25/01/2020 HIV sensitisation Atapara trading centre and Ocini in Kamdini sub-county 02 Acutanena ‘A’
Acutanena ‘B’
Akaoidebe Abuli
26/01/2020 Youths mobilisation Woo Balo Kuc and Ocini in Kamdini sub-county 00 Amwa Bung ‘A’
Amwa Bung ‘B’
Woo Balokuc
01/02/2020 HIV sensitisation Te- owelo Test yet to be done Boroboro ‘A’ Boroboro ‘B’ Opatoyere ‘A’
Opatoyere ‘B’
Kokcan Ikweri
02/02/2020 HIV sensitisation Pida trading centre 01 Abanya ‘A’ & ‘B’
HIV sensitization in Atapara trading centre, Kamdini sub-county.

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