MP hopeful, Dr Diini Kisembo wants victims of Banyoro-Bakiga clashes compensated

Dr Kisembo speaks to parents and pupils after donating scholastic items to the latter who performed well in 2019 PLE. File photo.

Kagadi – A tribal war between two tribes of Bakiga and Banyoro in 2006 claimed lives and property worth millions of shillings were destroyed.

The clashes erupted after the victory of Bakiga candidates Mable Bakaine (Bugangaizi) and Barnabas Tinkasiimire (Buyaga) in the 2006 parliamentary elections. Their irritated many Banyoro, who feel they are being dominated by “the Bakiga immigrants”.

The Banyoro accused the Bakiga then, of plotting to rule and dominate them through tribal voting. Some even swore that they cannot be represented by Bakiga MPs.

Although the clashes were fronted by small group who used pangas and spears to the retaliation from Bakiga, lives were lost and property destroyed.

Fourteen years later, Dr Diini Emmanule Kisembo who has shown interest to vie for the Buyaga East MP seat in the 2021 polls, has written to the Prime Minister, requesting for victims’ compensation.

In his letter dated 6, February 2020 to the Prime Minster and copied to the President and Speaker of Parliament, Mr Kisembo asks government to accomplish four things.

He wrote: “The entire nation is aware of the clashes between the two tribes aforementioned in which dozens of people were gravely injured.”

“Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, in that tribal clashes, a one Peace Ndyakihahe was admitted to Hoima Hospital with pain from the deep cuts on her head, back and hands. Shockingly, he two children, David Ndyareeha, 16 and Barnabas Biryomumaisho, 14, of Kasenyi village, Bugangaizi County were butchered at their home.”

According to Mr Kisembo, in his letter reminded government that “lives were lost, many people injured and property worth millions destroyed, and yet none of the survivors or deceased families have been compensated.”

“If compensations have been made, it’s was wordlessly, paltry and I believe appropriate procedures were not followed,” he added.

“Therefore, Sir, I would like to implore government to do the followings.”

  1. Institute a team [Committee] to come out with true names of deceased and survivors.
  2. Government should compensate both survivors and deceased families for property destroyed and lives lost.
  3. Build a monument [memorial site] in memory of those who lost their lives; a place that will reunite the two tribes.
  4. Build a vocational school in the memory of those who were killed.

“The Banyoro and Bakiga lived as good people before the clashes and we have had intermarriages among us – a connection I’m strongly advocating for now – by asking government to support us, through responding to some, if not all, the above requests,” the MP hopeful concluded.


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