The worth of singer Bosmic Otim after deserting People Power for NRM

Bosmic Otim led a People Power demo in Gulu. Third from [R] is Bosmic with M7

Gulu – After meeting the Head of State last month at State House, in what many say it was not a surprise anymore, Bosmic Otim has since issued numerous statements via Facebook, audio and short video clip.

In the statements, the northern Uganda top musician turned politician defends himself why he decided to meet President Museveni and subsequently deserting Bobi Wine and his People Power Movement.

Bosmic Otim who has been hitting NRM government musically, will no longer do the same after “agreeing to work with the regime” and specifically President Museveni – now and forever, sources told TND News.

Baptized as Otim Oyet, the singer has been expecting more than shillings 200 million from the President for his ‘Mzee Wakazi’ song.

In 2006, Otim claimed he was approached by Brig Charles Otema Awany to compose a song that portrays NRM’s achievements in northern region, where opposition had taken full control.

As reported in the Daily Monitor’s digital newspaper on 31 July, 2014, Otim was quoted to have said: “Before composing the song, I requested for Shs200 million and Brig Awany with other NRM cadres agreed to pay me that amount. However, the only money I was given was Shs500, 000 to facilitate recording of the song.”

“But the NRM administrator in Gulu District, Mr Peter Okello Ocao, said if Mr Otim signed any contract with NRM to compose Mzee Wakazi song, then he should produce it so that his payment is processed,” adds the publication.

“As NRM, we appreciate Mr Otim’s efforts, but since he was contacted by some group of people to compose the song, they are the ones responsible for his payment,” Mr Ocao said, then.

Mr Otim who was appointed by Bobi Wine mid last year to mobilise masses to support People Power and vote aspirants vying under it, announced reasons for leaving Bobi Wine last month.

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The singer – one of Bobi’s best pals before changing clothing – alleges that Bobi Wine is greedy, doesn’t care and has never cared to support him, even when government has put a ban on them from holding musical concerts.

How much was Mr Otim paid when he met President?

TND News’ most reliable source in the ruling government says Mr Bosmic will soon get all his money he has been crying for, for nearly one decade-and-half.

The source told us that the President has agreed and promised to give the “Mac Onywalo Buru” singer shillings 300,000,000 [Three Hundred Million Shillings Only], of which shs100m is a compensation for “general damages and other losses” he met over the years.

Another source told us that Bosmic has assured the President that he’s going to do more for him, and for NRM especially in the coming elections – declaring further to convert his former colleagues in People Power from Acholi sub-region to the “yellow bus”.

Asked how much the President gave the singer when they met, the source reveals: “He was honestly handed over shillings 30m and was promised all his money would be cleared within a short period.”

According to Mr Otim, in one of his statements in which he bashed Acholi leaders after meeting the President, “he was still being monitored and put on surveillance” to ascertain if he’s now a true NRM cadre.

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