MP Akena, Facebook users react on “fake UPC/NRM Alliance” poster

On Monday, users of Facebook and WhatsApp debated a poster containing a photo of UPC party leader, also the Lira Municipality MP, Jimmy Akena.

The poster that went viral by midday contains five key words written: “UPC/NRM ALLIANCE #MISSION 2021#”.

The maker[s] are yet to be properly identified, although those who shared it on Facebook, ‘are known’ – according to Omara Andrew, Jimmy Akena’s aide-de-camp.

Jimmy Akena who’s a target of this, later in the evening, had this to say: “A version of this has been doing the rounds, my comment is as attached. Furthermore, any communication not reciprocated on any official UPC source should not be taken as authentic.”

After reading from Mr Akena’s clarification he posted on his Facebook page about ‘intended malice’, some congress sympathizers swiftly came out and condemned the person behind it – others calling it fake ‘news’.

Facebook users commented on Akena’s statement as below:

Onyuk Andrew: “You’ve delayed this response Hon, but ofcoz [as he wrote it] conscious people knew this was inconceivable and calculated malice.”

Gen Haron Hazard Ayena, said: “Jimmy Akena it’s just the great fool in Lango doing that for his personal gains.”

Robine Ogwal: “Truth hurts Mr Akena. #Traitor.”

Another person, Adwong Ebine Tonny-Okello, said: “But without this, everyone is aware of this facts. The person must have just made the pictorial impression of this well-known and documented fact.”

Derek Ladujah, wrote: “It’s not a very serious issue like some of our comrades want us to believe. Of the NRM wants some form of a coalition or an alliance with the UPC party then the party has a mechanism to address such matter. Our party organs are well equipped to deal with such matters, therefore we shouldn’t be alarmed by such news whether fake or not.”

Benson Katundu-Byarugaba says, “Those responsible for this should be taught one or two things.”

For more than six years now, there has been a huge claim that Jimmy Akena, the current UPC party President and his entire UPC membership was bought by NRM party National Chairman, also the President, Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, with the former tasked to support the regime.

Many, to date still claim that Mr Akena was given more than Uganda shillings 3 billion towards the past elections to mobilize support for President Museveni and that, part of the cash was to “allow him stay his Presidential quest”.

Is UPC party under Jimmy Akena compromised, and working with NRM’s Museveni? What’s UPC interest in the current political games? TND News will bring all the facts – soon!

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