Why i quit People Power: Bobi Wine is greedy – says Bosmic Otim

Bosmic Otim was arrested by Police officers last year while leading a People Power demo in the heart of Gulu town. Courtesy photo.

Gulu – Once any opposition politician or any individual aligned with any regime pressure groups meet President Museveni, he or she changes ideology.

This is because either he or she has been issued with tough terms and conditions by the Head of State, or the defector has seen no value in the opposition.

Last month, one of the powerful persons in People Power Movement from Northern Uganda’s sub-region of Acholi, Bosmic Otim was hosted by President Museveni at State House. In that meeting, sources say the two discussed vital political issues, one how to stop People Power activities and up rise in Acholi sub-region.

Secondly, sources told us that for Bosmic Otim aka Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim to get all his money owed by the ruling party [payable by the President], he must discontinue attacking regime; he must denounce Bobi Wine, among others.

After the formation and rise of People Power Movement, Bosmic Otim was among few lucky individual from Acholi sub-region to be trusted with leadership by Bobi Wine.

Mr Otim was appointed by Bobi Wine mid last year during an event held at his Magere home in Wakiso district to be the People Power Chief Coordinator for Acholi.

In this assignment, the musician turned politician, Mr Otim did very well by doing mobilization; holding rallies in the heart of Gulu town to sell People Power and Bobi Wine.

Contrariwise, Otim’s loyalty to People Power came with huge cost and life-threatening scenario as he was beaten up and injured by Police, hunted for arrest by Kitgum RDC and was blocked from holding any musical shows, the singer says.

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In his latest statement, Bosmic Otim reveals why he left People Power, claiming that his former boss, Bobi Wine is greedy and never cared for him when he was in problem as a result of selling his pressure group in Acholi.

“What made me and Bobi Wine separate is very simple. Bobi Wine wants to see fire in his kitchen but me [Otim] should be in problem. If Bobi Wine was a goodhearted man he would not leave me from here and allow Police to hit my head; police sending me to prison while at that time Bobi Wine is flying to America to make money.”

He added: “While you quarrel, why can’t you ask Bobi Wine that you have left Acholi teen; two of you [me and Bobi Wine] have been stopped from singing anywhere; Acholi, Lango and Alur all know we have been stopped and we have been given a ban that I go back to Lamwo RDC on me, I go to Kitgum, RDC on my back as if I have stolen someone property.”

“They don’t even get ashamed that Otim we are chasing it an orphan who’s struggling with life…… I designed a trick and told myself you who say I go there and look for money for food to no leeway, Bobi Wine also flies abroad and eat alone; Acholi, the word available is don’t disturb my head, Bobi Wine goes and eat alone. He goes to America eat alone. Acholi in Diasporas before you start insulting me, and Northerners in the Diasporas first ask yourself; money you have been collecting, I hear Dollars, Pounds Sterling and Euros you have been donating to Bobi Wine, why didn’t he pick just One Dollar and say now that they have blocked you from singing, the only source of income is singing on stage, get this one.”

Otim says no Acholi leaders like the recently punched Aruu County MP, Odonga Otto should yap over his meeting with President Museveni because he has debts to pay those who contracted him to sing at their weddings, asking, “Odonga did you pay?”

“Now they are saying lets pay Otim – the son of Aryemo for his contribution to government because now Bobi Wine flies to Canada and eat alone, Bobi Wine flies to South Africa alone, Bobi Wine flies to China or America alone and yet here he has put Otim in problem; arrested by Police and hit…”

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