Why Dr Diini Kisembo wants Western region’s NRM Vice chairperson seat

Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisembo

Kagadi – Pending general elections in 2021, different political parties are expected to hold internal party elections for its flag-bearers and those to hold different offices in order to gain massive support.

One of the political parties expected to carry out this important polls – is the ruling party – the National Resistance Movement [NRM].

After holding its delegates conference late last month, according to information – NRM is going to elect regional vice chairpersons in May 2020.

A number of party supporters have shown interest in this key office. In Northern Uganda currently under the leadership of Honorable Sam Engola – Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah announced mid last month he would contest for the seat under “Man of the People” “mantra”.

Like Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Diini Emmanuel Kisembo who’s the Executive Director of Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiative for Development has come out to declare his intention to challenge Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza who’s the incumbent NRM vice chairperson for Western Uganda.

General Kyaligonza is also the current Ugandan Ambassador in Burundi.

Speaking to TND News on Saturday, Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisembo says it’s high time youth also takes up shares in leadership positions.

Mr Kisembo added that there is a big gaps between NRM youth and their party leaders because the young ones fear to engage old faces, this he reveals is making youth abandon the ruling party.

“I will restore and revive NRM party structures in Western Uganda, engage youth who are now taken up by Bobi Wine’s People Power,” Dr Kisembo tells TND News.

According to Kisembo, because of poor leadership by party leaders in Western Uganda [region], prominent and useful leaders like Akugizibwe Livingstone who’s a district councilor in Kagadi on NRM ticket is now working with People Power and coordinating Bunyoro sub-region.

Others he said have left NRM party for Bobi Wine’s People Power because of ineffective leadership are Barnabas Tinkasimire, the Buyaga West MP who was appointed by Bobi Wine as Chief Coordinator for Bunyoro; Innocent Natukunda based in Kabaroole is commanding Toro, one Jsspher is controlling Kigezi sub-region and Amanyira Rodgers who’s in-charge of Masindi, among others.

Recently, after attending NRM delegates’ conference, Tinkasimire said he had not left NRM for People Power.

For the last four years – coming to five – Mr Kisembo said no NRM party conferences, training or mobilization from grassroots have taken place and he’s “coming to fix it” once elected.

“I will bring back peoples’ support to NRM given the mandate as a youthful person who understands the youth and their dilemmas,” he promises.

“Because of Kyagulanyi wave, I’m here to work with the youth in western region because Mr Kyaligonza is always abroad,” he said of People Power’s pressure.

Dr Kisembo further told TND News that “these youth can be put into productivity but the elders mind only about their stomachs”.

Summary of what Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisembo will do if elected.

  • Making party structures functional
  • Recruiting new NRM members to ensure visibility from the grassroots
  • Following up on new government projects and those implemented in western Uganda.
  •  Support in motorcycles to NRM leaders from village to district levels
  • Being closer and in touch with NRM historical to be helped by ruling party.
  • Will advocate for monthly stipend for NRM chairpersons from village to district.

Mr Kisembo’s 10 point programme after replacing Gen Kyaligonza and winning Buyaga East MP seat in 2021 polls.

FOOTNOTE: “Proposals for a political progamme that could form the basis for a nationwide coalition of political and social forces that could usher in a new and better future for the long-suffering people of Uganda.”

  1. Democracy
  2. Security
  3. Consolidation of national security and elimination of all forms of sectarianism.
  4. Defending and consolidating national independence
  5. Building an independent, integrated and self-sustaining national economy
  6. Restoration and improvement of social services and the rehabilitation of war ravaged areas.
  7. Elimination of corruption and misuse of power
  8. Redressing errors that have resulted in the dislocation of sections of the population and improvement of others.
  9. Cooperation with other African countries in defending human and democratic rights of our brothers in other parts of Africa.
  10. Following an economic strategy of mixed economy

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