Gen. Elwelu: Uganda is a promised land, no one should say he’s poor

Luweero – The commander Land Forces Lt Gen Peter Elwelu on Thursday at Makubulita sub-county told residents to make use of the peace available to chase poverty out of the their homes.

“In Uganda no one should say he is poor because it’s a promised land and Buganda in particular,” Gen Elwelu added.

He further told them everything good in Buganda like education, hospitals and markets with everything around the region can be sold for money.

“As UPDF we are not interested in those who are enemies of peace. This peace belongs to you so it’s your duty to keep it as citizens of this country,” he said.

Gen Elwelu gave them an example of those from neighboring countries running to Uganda, saying it’s not because they love Uganda so much but it’s because of the peace Uganda is enjoying.

“It’s in Uganda where one abuses the head of state and he walks home peacefully without any threat,” Lands Forces Commander added, calling upon the population to use the peace as mecca of Uganda to be more productive.

The Commander Land Forces represented the Chief of Defence Forces at the Luweero district launch of Tarehesita activities week at Makubulita sub-county headquarters.

Hon. Lt Gen Pecos Kutesa who is the UPDF Member of Parliament and also Chief of Army Doctrine, told them that Katiti was the area which hosted the first National Resistance Council (NRC) hence an important area.

He told them now the wars are over, and that they (Luweero residents) should use Operation Wealth Creation to fight poverty and also work very hard to improve on household income.

The Resident District commissioner (RDC) Ms Namulindwa Phoebe thanked UPDF for remembering Luweero; bringing the health camp to treat the people and also renovate and construct schools like Galikwoleka primary school, Bowa primary school and Lutembe primary school in Katikamu North.

The RDC also told the people to make use of the peace to make a country move forward and this to be achieved, she said “there is need to come together”.

“The challenge here is we think of being given instead of working and this is a syndrome to the youth who think of selling their land to move to town and resort to boda boda business,” she advised.

RDC Namulindwa Pheobe launched the giving out of mosquito nets as one of the activites to be done by UPDF; other medical activities to be done in Kamira HCIII and Butuntumura HC III include safe male circumusion (SMC) Fumigation, Mobile dental and Eye clinic.

The launch started with the cleaning of Katiti town and planting of trees at Kalasa Collage, kalasa mixed primary school to promote afforestation.

The function was attended by all district leaders, and area members of parliament for Luweero who were invited to Butalangu grounds on the 6th February for grand celebrations.

President Museveni is the Chief Guest at the grand celebration in Luweeo next month.

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