Whose hoes are MPs giving their voters?

Notice: These are not real hoes being given. Courtesy photo.

Politicians especially Members of Parliament [MPs] across the country have embarked on their political campaigns ahead of 2021 general elections.

These leaders [Lawmakers] are giving out all sorts of hand-outs to their voters in a bid to be voted again in the next polls.

One of the hand-outs MPs are giving out lately to their voters is a hand hoe [hoes] to help them prepare their gardens ahead of planting season. However, many have been asking, “whose hoes are these?” “From whose purse was money for buying it withdrawn?”

These questions and more have been responded to by one of the MP aspirants for Ajuri County in Alebtong district.

Daniel Obal, 22, an aspirant with high conviction to replace the current MP who’s also the State Sports Minister, Denis Hamson Obua ‘Ajuri’ in 2021 polls, had these to say on the hoes being given out to the people of Ajuri County by the incumbent.

Author: Mr Obal Daniel


“One of our Lira based Radio station’s presenter called me today ask me about my plans for Ajuri. Amidst our discussions he went ahead to tell me that my brother the current MP had been so good to the People of Ajuri that he bought hoes for them from his personal savings in a bid to promote agriculture.

“I want to shade more lights on this issue of hand hoes. It’s true that there has been programs of distribution of the hoes by the MP and this is commendable. Though not sufficient to improve our production in agriculture it’s a step forward. I believe in a phased manner mechanization of Agriculture.

“However, it’s untrue and indeed the greatest lie of the century to say the MP bought the hoes using his own money. It’s also a lie to say the program and the project is owned and promoted by the MP.

“Everyone must know that the hoe distribution is entire fulfilment of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni pledge which he made following the 2015/2016 campaigns and elections. The president noted that many households needed the basic tool of production (hoes) to help them provide for their families.

“Indeed he promised households in Uganda about 18million hand hoes. Parliament later went ahead and provided money for its acquisition and consequently the hoes were acquired. A Parliamentary commission and Ministry of Agriculture was to oversee the distribution. It was resolved that the hoes be distributed through the Members of Parliament.

“Because some of the MPs wanted to use it for their political gains, Parliament this week reported that most MPs got the hoes yet refused to sign anywhere. In fact, that the circumstances of the distribution of the hoes was unclear as it is perceived that some MPs took it selfishly for themselves and denied their other colleagues the avenue to get.

“These hoes are the ones that have been distributed in Ajuri. The hoes are fulfilment of President Museveni 2016 pledge and not a personal project of any individual as has been the case.


The author is an aspiring MP for Ajuri County, Alebtong district in the 2021 general polls.

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