“The roads to hell could be better than roads in the constituency” – says “Gen me Ajuri”

Youth have emerged from their sleeps to show a will to run for various political officers in the country. Being the majority in terms of statistics and again quite a number of them searching for employment to no avail, politics is now their last option.

In recent years, youth commenced to question their political leaders why they have not done what they were meant to do, why they have not done what they promised voters [Ugandans] during political campaigns. These questions, whose answers have never satisfied youth, have provoked many to rise up and offer themselves for leadership.

In Ajuri County, Alebtong district, MP Denis Hamson Obua ‘Ajuri’ also the State Sports Minister is one of the Members of Parliament whose legislative seat is being vied for.

One of the youth who is not content with his leadership and lobbying capacity has come out to outline some of the challenges his fellow constituents are facing.

Daniel Obal, 22, who’s also contesting under NRM party ticket due soon, shares his concern with TND News.

“Dear comrades, especially my constituents and fellow youth. Every day that passes by it appears much clearer that we have an inexcusable obligation to play paramount roles in the development of our areas. Youth continue to be a great crisis in Uganda, and now, elders and woman are slowly emerging as crisis. We need to think creatively on how to counter these emerging crisis. This has continued to present itself in the form of unemployment, permissiveness and lawlessness among the youth. The elders are dressed in poverty and poor health. The women who are defacto engines for development have continued to be untapped.”

“I have in the past attributed this to policy. While we may have some of the most friendly policies, implementation remains wanting. Sadly, most of our leaders have shifted goal post from a people centred leadership to personal interest. That is why they will appear mute for the 4 years of their time in Parliament only to surface with exciting offers for youth and women in the Constituency who they find gullible to their deceitful ways.”

“We must in a bid to counter these atrocities condemn these self-centred representatives. A case in point, in my Constituency of Ajuri, most of the elements of social services are wanting. Schools are dead because of politics of divide and rule. The roads to hell could be better than roads in the Constituency. It’s the responsibility of every representative to direct government efforts to these problems. However, one prefer to enjoy the privileges that comes with being an MP for 4 years only to return with hoes and football tournaments to woe voters. We know these tricks and we are saying no! The people deserve better. We are on mission #Ajuri2021.”

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