Sports Minister Obua’s shs10m Easter cash excites his youth

Minister Obua holds a trophy to be competed for. Photo by Frank Oyugi

Alebtong There is delight among the youth in Ajuri county, Alebtong district after State Minister for Sports, Honorable Denis Hamson Obua ‘Ajuri’ stakes  Uganda shillings 10 million to be competed for by all the sub-counties and one town council in his constituency.

The sub-counties are: Abako, Awei, Amugu, Omoro, Angeta, Adwir and Amugu town council. The draw were picked two weeks ago, and the real games which commenced last weekend saw Omoro beating Abako by 2-0, while Amugu town council trounced Adwir sub-county 3-0

“We are as excited as young people and we are very happy for this Easter tournament initiated by our MP Denis Hamson Obua,” Elly Okello, 27, a resident of Amugu town council told TND News’ senior reporter and Editor, Frank Oyugi.

Mr Okello spoke to our Editor at the sideline of the game that was played at Amugu primary school playground on Sunday.

James Okucu, another young football fan said: “We are extremely happy for this; it will keep the youth busy and save them from redundancy.” He further appealed to Sports Minister Obua to ensure the tournament is an annual event.

According to Minister Obua who watched both of the opening games, the overall winner will walk away with a cash price of shillings 2.5 million and a trophy, the first runner up will get shillings 2 million.

According to the MP, the second runner up will scoop shillings 1.5 million while the rest will each get shillings 1 million.

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He added that as long as a team registers, it is automatic they have a cash price tagged on them.

“This is purely my personal initiative for the young people and as their MP for Ajuri,” Obua says, adding that he developed and rolled out the concept before he was appointed by President Museveni as a Minister of State for Sports.

“The cash prices that the teams are competing for is not the core but I wants to explore and nurture the talents that are unknown, and eventually build one football team for Ajuri constituency,” he tells Mr Oyugi.

To achieve this, the Minister has deployed only professional FUFA/CAF referees headed by FIFA referee, Dick Okello to ensure that they spot good talented player who can also contribute to the Lango Province Team as the third edition of FUFA Drum returns, and that the tournament is professionally managed.

Probed further by TND News if this could be a strategy to ensure the youth vote for him in the next elections, Mr Obua who is also the captain of the football team of Uganda’s Parliament said: “That was not the intentions ndugu Oyugi.”

Dubbed “Obua Ajuri Easter Cup 2020” this is the second edition. The previous one was won by Omoro sub-county and her chairman Robert Okullo (UPC) has vowed to retain the trophy.

“I am red [a congressman] but I support the initiative of the Minister,” Okullo said.

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