Okello ‘Kony’ – the first arrogant MP from Lango in decades

MP Bonny Okello 'Kony' in a UPDF uniform.

Key Highlights

  • The ‘Legislator’ tells his voters ‘go hang’
  • Tells his voters to wait for time, pick nomination forms and contest.
  • Threatens to deal with a journalist who interviewed him.
  • The MP is the worst, best arrogant Lango has had in decades – people say

Lira/Kole – The recent release by reputable researcher Dr. Paul Wakida in consultation with the Parliamentary hansard on the performance of MPs has put many “mute” MPs on tenterhook – disgracefully some have become super arrogant with no sense of respect for voters.

Some MPs in Lango sub-region like Kole North’s Okello Bonny Desales widely known as ‘Kony’ of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] Party not spared.

It is worth to remind all of our readers that, the Joseph Kony we all know is a rebel leader, was [is] a senseless man; a killer, a rapist, property grabber and a chief abductor. In this current situation, besides being termed as an arrogant and a quiet man [MP] in the August House, we are yet to ascertain if, MP ‘Kony’ possesses some of his namesakes’ characters following his recent life-threatening statement to a local journalist.

Boniface Okello, according to the report published in several dallies [Daily Monitor first] was listed among several MPs who have not spoken ever since the 10th Parliament came into effect. Alongside him, Alebtong district Woman MP, Christine Achen Ayo is the other culprit and has threatened to sue Daily Monitor for “defamation”.

In Kole North, Kole district, voters have sharply and angrily reacted to this report with many calling on their MP, arrogant ‘Kony’ to resign, accusing him of being a non-performer.

“We are completely upset with this report if at all it is true because we are wondering how our MP can fail to speak on the floor of Parliament,” George Opio from Adelogo village, Alito sub-county wondered.

Beatrice Akello, another voter said the report is a vote of no confidence on their MP.

“This means for the last four years our voices have not been heard beyond Karuma and Rile Nile,” Akello lamented.

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Meanwhile, several other voters have since thronged several local FM stations in Lira, notably QFM 94.3 to voice their concerns and bitterness with the MP, but again this has not gone well with Mr. ‘Kony’

Told by QFM reporter, Ambrose Okwanga that he had about 20 of his voters showing anger on his silence in Parliament and that the MP has ashamed them, Okello started ranting and telling the reporter to tell “his voters to go hang themselves” adding that “let them wait, people will soon pick nomination forms and they [his voters] should wait to pick the form and contest.”

“Tell them I can’t tolerate and tell them I am above that.” But they are twenty – a reporter reminded ‘Kony’ who arrogantly responded: “Twenty people, how many voters are there? I have over 2,000 voters.”

Pressed by the reporter what he should tell ‘his 20 voters,” the MP said the reporter “has pressed a wrong button, I have told you.”

The Legislator whose rants has risen debates in the sub-region claims that Radio QFM is being used against him for political reasons, claiming that “it’s each and every time.”

Meanwhile, the MP has warned the radio interviewer “be very careful if you are one of them” – further threatening: “I will deal with you – let me tell you.”

Told by the interviewer “you’re threatening me too much, your voice is recorded and masses are hearing you now live”, Kony, again and arrogantly responded: “Whether you recording me, or I’m live I don’t work with such nonsense.”

A senior MP from Lango told TND News in an interview that Mr Okello’s reaction is “worst from an MP in many years”, adding that for “the years i have been in Parliament, none of my colleagues talked arrogantly like him.”

These kind of responses has also attracted criticism from activists; civil society organizations space with some saying “the reporter should report a case of threatening violence on the “mute” Legislator”.

Jackson Etwop, the executive director Tok Power, a civil society organization in Lira says, “Leaders need to have some level of decorum because they are role models and because society expects so much from them and they are the voices of the people but they have to be a voice of reason.”

He adds that in a democratic country like Uganda, such intimidation can be associated to dictatorship and, also called for a background check on leaders to establish how they were raised and such that they should not be a menace to the society.

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