Exclusive: Museveni ‘endorses’ Jacob Oulanyah, wants him to replace Sam Engola – sources

NRM party National Chairman Gen. Yowei Museveni. Down [L-R] are Sam Engola and Jacob Oulanyah

  • Hounorable Sam Engola faces popular Jacob Oulanyah for the position of National Vice Chairperson Northern Uganda

In what was revealed to us one month ago that the race for the NRM National Vice Chairperson for Northern Uganda would be blistering, it’s now confirmed.

Honourable Sam Engola who’s the current vice chair for northern region will face desired Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah in order to retain his seat.

On Monday, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, using his official Facebook page posted a poster of him with a brief writing: “The time is now.”

Mr Oulanyah – who is also the Omoro County MP in Omoro district – according to sources who spoke to this contemporary digital newspaper on condition of anonymity, is highly valued and admired by President Museveni.

Many we spoke to say the President has already given ‘his blessing’ to the man he terms ‘a great NRM cadre’ in northern Uganda to take up the position.

Known as “Man of the People” – “Oulanyah commands bigger respect in northern Uganda than Sam Engola he’s contesting against,” an insider told us on Monday.

Another source within the National Resistance Movement [NRM] party who talked to TND News in December 2019 reveals to us that there is a desire from the National Chairperson of the party, also the President of Uganda – Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to have Oulanyah replace Mr Engola.

“Mr Jacob is an active MP and commands bigger respect in Parliament and within the ruling party unlike Mr Engola who’s ‘out of politics’ currently,” we were told.

Whereas TND News has embarked on a mission to verify some claims heaped on Honourable Sam Engola who’s also the Lira district NRM chairperson, that he “tricked his number one” several times, many told us he uses politics ‘as his business’.

“The President side-lined him during Lira University’s first graduation in November. He had some financial request to hand to his national chairman but never got space and attention,” our source claims.

What are people saying on Oulanyah?

His Facebook followers are reacting differently. Below are their unedited comments.

One Gloria Apio wrote: “Again, Lanywen u are the next speaker, allow Engola one more term. Wun weng lotion wa.”

Ojara Justine writes…”Very deserving indeed….!”

Ronald Ndawula had this to say: “Be in that position for only 5 years. We need you as Chairperson.”

Nkonge Sultan Ahmedie Hezibollah: “We need to amend the law once you become speaker, u cease to belong to any party. How will show justice when you belong to the oppressional regime.”

Some comments from Facebook.

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