How People Power’s Bosmic reacted to Acholi leaders after meeting Museveni

Bosmic Otim led a People Power demo in Gulu. Third from [R] is Bosmic with M7

A people power chief coordinator [mobiliser] for Acholi sub-region has bitterly spoken for the second time – this time lengthier, via a video clip.

Bosmic Otim – popularly known as Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim has now confirmed he met President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the latter promised to help him.

Mr. Otim’s meeting with the Head of State he has for years, and willingly been bashing using his songs, has caused mixed reactions from the public, with some applauding his decision and others saying he has “betrayed the struggle”.

The Mac Onywalo Buru literally meaning [fire produced ash] singer has been a strong ally of People Power Chief Mobilizer, also the Kyandondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi – widely known as Bobi Wine.

The two being pro-people musicians for decades, with similar traits, are strong critics of Museveni’s rule. After the formation of People Power Movement – a pressure group manned by largely the youth, Wine and Bosmic decided to work together.

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Bosmic’s transcribed video statement herein.

“How did you talk and why was it answered that way? How did you start to talk? For what? What where you expecting? You start talking and later you say his tongue is sharp for real.? He talks too much [or his mouth is big], he has not respect. Now, if you had not provoked that person or you didn’t play with that person, or you didn’t say anything bad about him. Would that person answer? What did you say to make it answered that way? Why do you now cry? What do you expect that you started to talk about that person? Now they say ‘we are bad people’.  You all; you took your back [buttocks] saying ooooh you see Otim and his team, oooh what. Now, what you wrote in the forum was answered, whatever words you say among the community was answered, what you said on phone was answered. How had you talked? How was it answered that way? What were you expecting? What do you quarrel? What do you cry? [He pauses and smiles]. Some politicians….. and other friends of ours whose head doesn’t work, that’s what they do and later they start crying. Their heads doesn’t think what they say.. Now, you who is saying nonsense now, it’s you who said Otim is useless, an idiot; that you see, so and so is not educated, and many; you said a lot and we have come to answer it but now you trembles lelelelelele….lele….with cry like aaaaaaaa-aaaaaa. You started to quarrel, how had you spoken? How was it answered? Who’s on the wrong? Who started? The one answering is not bad, just answering has no problem, this is my new song, prepare your ears it is coming. He’s answering what you have said. If you had not spoken anything he would not talk. Eeeeh! When they hit my head, they time blood oozed from my head, the time they arrested me and took me to prison, the time I was hospitalized, it’s was you who said ..ooooooo just a stupid man, his head is big let him try his strengthen. Now, I have been released, when they released me, my name became the main talking point at a high forum and your name wasn’t popular; you thought I would die in detention and the World doesn’t allow because I committed no offence.

After that you started seeing my changed life, many people applauding me, somehow people were admiring me and it burnt your an..*, you feel upset, what is wrong with you? How do you want to treat that person? Eeeh! At the time RDC was chasing after me ria-ria-ria-ria-ria….with guns and soldiers, you said ‘his head is strong, let them work on him’. When some of the politicians from Gulu assembled, with rwot ineka gi, ria-ria-ria-ria-ria…. they traveled to Kampala to Bobi Wine, telling him …”remove Otim from People Power, man see; Otim has abused all Acholi leaders, this man….” Now these Acholi leaders were insulted for what? What had they done? What were they expected to do for Acholi which they have failed to do, to make them be talked about? AAAAAAAaaaa! You malformed your mouth like a breast feeding mother. Ooooooooooh Bosmic, oooh Bosmic, aya, now, Bosmic you answer the talk [allegation]; we have heard that Anywar, Mego [Mother in Acholi] Beatrice Anywar said you went to meet Museveni, Mego Beatrice Anywar said that Bosmic dined with Museveni and he should tell Acholi. Now, Mego, pick the phone and call me so that I answer you, Mego, ask me, go to TV and ask me, go to Radio and ask me, live dooh! So that I can answer you according to how clan would like to hear. Any strategy, any strategy I am using to see Mego is defeated by me is my own tactics, must I leak it, my tactics to you? I will defeat Mego Anywar in a super style I know and as of now, Mego is defeated. If Mego is wise, she should stay calm and eat the money she has got otherwise, you came and dished a lot of money, to; house of millet hub! I have no mercy at all – I will defeat anything visible. The politicians from Gulu now …oooooooooo, they assembled and went to Kampala that they [Bobi Wine] chase Bosmic from People Power. Aaaaaaaaa first give us answer, we hear you stayed with Museveni, we hear you met with ‘Abiro’ [meaning Museveni]. AAAAAaaaaa! If you have heard ‘Abiro’ invited me, about the talk of my money, who in Acholi here doesn’t know for long time Bosmic has been crying, quarrelling, and struggling to get his money they used it and wasn’t paid to him? That’s what I have done with my sweats, and I made this money before People Power wasn’t there, if my money is going to be paid at a time People Power is existing is there any problem with it? That is my sweat, I will get it and go back to where I belong. Why do you want to disturb me with too much talks? Ooooooh ooooh! Did your hand write the song? And you still don’t know if they will pay me, maybe they want to see my style; they won’t pay me, they said they would pay me money for the song. Did your meni write the song? Did you and your meni sit down and wrote the song? You and your meni was contracted? Yesterday I asked people in the forum that ‘did you all and your meni wrote the song? They responded ‘yaayaya his toungue is sharp’. I just asked. Is your meni a name? Name of a person meni. If I say meni is that a name of a person? They said oooh he has insulted ma [mother]. Meni is a name of a person? Meni is an Acholi language for asking “you and your meni when Otim was writing the song where you there? Mwcet stop fooling people.

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