Bobi Wine’s pal, Otim speaks out after ‘meeting’ Rais Museveni

Gulu – Northern Uganda top singer and a popular persona, Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim has spoken out for the first time after photos of him and others with president Museveni ‘at State House Entebbe’ leaked.

In less than 48 hours, a photo of Bosmic Otim – who has been critiquing Museveni’s bad rule and leadership through his songs – leaked on social media, with many doubting it was a photoshop.

Mr. Otim – a member and a supporter of Bobi Wine’s People Power – a pressure group anticipating to take power from NRM government in 2021 elections, according to his social media followers, has “betrayed the struggle”.

On Friday morning, Mr. Otim a singer of Mac Onywalo Buru, Peace Return, among others wrote this on his Facebook page.

“Muyeme malim polkare lagweng room kome” literally meaning “a ripe sweet mangoe is always stoned”.

It’s also worth noting that Mr. Otim was appointed by Bobi Wine mid last year as the People Power Chief Coordinator for  Acholi sub-region. Another hearsay was he was planning to contest for Kitgum Municipality MP Seat under People Power movement ticket.

A screenshot of Otim’s response in Acholi dialect.
Bosmic Otim [R] MPs Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine [M] and Gilbert Olanya in 2019. Courtesy photo.

A fresh rumor also has it that the singer has been promised “millions of shillings, a posh ride and a resettlement package” and told to refuse any association with Bobi Wine and his People Power group. Bosmic Otim, as it’s being alleged will be part of the musicians across the country to support NRM party and President Museveni in the coming elections.

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