Lango’s top musician, Profesa Maros donates to needy mothers

Professa Maros talks to one of the mothers she helped recently. Courtesy photo

Key highlights:

  • A talented musician with heart for humanity also tells us his story.
  • My mum taught me to be humble. She was unable to buy for us new shoes and clothes at every Christmas.

Lira – Generosity is simply the quality of being kind and generous. It’s somewhat hard to outline many generous musicians and celebs in the sub-region – but they are there.

But for Maros Atine aka Profesa Maros – the “Med Mac” singer – being generous was instilled in him by his mother.  

“Most of the values I grew up to hold on to were instilled in me by my mother. It is for this reason that I hold every woman in high esteem,” Profesa Maros told TND News.

“Giving back to the public has for long been accredited to politicians but it’s high time we start taking up these social responsibilities as musicians,” he added.

According to the fans darling, “we should expect the rewards to come from God, but not from the people we are helping; owibye mogo maro kodi timo pat! Pe ber! Literally meaning “Some politicians think of that. Not good!”

Maros shares his story, success and further forecasts  

“When Lango Entertainment Awards [LEA] was formed in 2016, I emerged as the Best Artist of the year. 2017 was even better as I won both Best Artist of the year and Best Collaboration Song (Ato Kedi) featuring MOZZ. 2018 I took home Best Male Artist,” he recounts his achievements – thus far.

With 4th Edition of LEA 2019 slated for 19th January 2020, Profesa Maros says he’s hoping for the best. “My song MED MAC has become a slogan used by people to encourage people.”

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“Musicians are part of society. I have discovered that most of the people in the Sports and Entertainment industries, the richest people and some leaders of today have had some difficult past. Others lacked school fees, others lost their parents so early. Some lacked where to lay their heads, others were outcasts in their community. Some did all the odd jobs to make to the top; so for it is important that one always remembers their roots,” Lango’s finest musician added.

On his mother, he said of her: “I personally know that my mum used pieces of her torn dress to cover me as a child. If today I am able to keep two children warm, why shouldn’t I help?” Celebrities should also show their kindness the way they show off their possessions.”

Two years ago, Mr Atine and his team visited the THERAPUTIC FEEDING UNIT of Lira Main Hospital and donated milk, bread, biscuits, sugar, soybean floors and many other things.

“I could see the smile on those mothers and their children. I knew that while those mothers were smiling at me, their creator was smiling at me too. You’re never too poor to help…,” he shared with us his generosity.

“My mum taught me to be humble. She was unable to buy for us new shoes and clothes at every Christmas, so one day, my older brother lost his humbleness and told my mum how uncaring she was not to buy for us anything at Christmas. My mum did not respond to the boy immediately; we were sweeping the yard that morning.”

After treating us to a nice dinner before releasing us to go and dance with the other kids in the neighbourhood who wore new shoes and clothes, she had told us a Bible story.

She said, “How many of you know the story of Jesus’ birth?” We all chorused the ‘me’ answer.

She narrated that Jesus’ earthly parents were so poor. That Joseph could not even take his wife to the hospital. Now, we had a small kraal (awi dyang) just one hundred meters away for our house. She said, “Can you imagine Jesus was born in that Awi Dyang? And his mother had nothing to cover him with?” She asked.

We became so sorrowful! She told us that today Jesus is the richest person and most powerful. That even the food we just ate was provided by him. She asked us to commit and pray for new clothes and shoes that evening. Well, the answer never came immediately but today I can see that answer! She is one of the

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