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President Museveni led fellow walkers during Convention Trek and Anti Corruption walk.

Kampala – Walking for ‘a cause or no cause’ is becoming one of Uganda’s major activities in recent months.

Towards the end of 2019, President Museveni Kaguta led other key government principals in a walk against rampant corruption.

The “Anti-Corruption Walk” till now is yet to convince majority of Ugandans, many of whom say it was a total “waste of public funds” and time.

In that publicized walk against the vice, President Museveni walked with corrupt civil servants in Kampala to raise awareness on the dangers corruption offers and government’s efforts to fight the vice and seeing perpetrators punished.

Under the theme “A Corruption Free Uganda Starts with Me” – President Museveni said the country has got many laws to fight corruption despite the fact that it has not been achieved due to poor implementation policies.

“The problem is in implementing and I think the mistake was in the recruitment in the office of the IGG and Nakalema’s office and URA. Never recruit people based on qualification, but basing on the integrity,” Mr Museveni directed, adding that “many laws are in place”.

The second walk soon came, another popular one, a six day “jungle trek” organised to pay tributes to NRA Guerrilla fighters.

In his opinion published by Uganda Media Centre’s official website, government spokesperson, Mr, Ofwono Opondo said of the jungle trek;

“For starters Galamba was a major base and theatre of the NRA within the broader Luwero Triangle. It is situated about 15 kilometres along the Matuga-Nakaseke road before Semite. Birembo is the famous rendezvous where in 1985 President Museveni, then the guerrilla leader met the enigmatic Mobile Force Brigade Commander, Salim Saleh Rufu on his way back after capturing a bounty of arms from Kabamba military barracks far away and hundreds of kilometres in Mubende district. The journey will cross six districts of Wakiso, Nakase, Mityana, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, and Kibaale, and is expected to be a tough one considering that it is rain season with streams and rivers full, grass every tall and roads muddy.”

“The main purpose of the trek is to remind Ugandans of the invaluable sacrifices that National Resistance Army (NRA) fighters and political mobilisers of the NRM, the two precursors to the present day NRM made over the five year guerrilla war without any rear base from 1981 to January 1986 when they succeeded in capturing state power, fighting a war supported by mainly peasants who gave their children and food supplies. And yes, we expect the opposition to accuse President of using this walk as a political stunt to launch an early election campaign.”

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Among so many things he said during the walk and after the walk, President Museveni said the concluded “Commemorative trek” across the Luweero triangle has helped him get a first-hand assessment of how the NRM structures are working at the grassroots.

The President also said the trek helped him to understand the gaps between the NRM Legislators and their voters, which he added can be “addressed through more regular interactions with the electorates”.

‘The Alternative walk’

A group of youth under pressure groups called The Alternative, Red Top Bridge and Uganda Poor Youth Movement on Monday 13, January 2020, jointly issued a press statement titled The “Real Anti-Corruption Walk”.

“As you may be aware Uganda has so far lost over 8 Trillion shillings through corruption. It’s due to this vice that the Uganda government intends to unjustifiably borrow yet more 2.4 Trillion to “fund” our national budget; the money we are sure will be stolen by government officials and in turn be paid by innocent citizens,” the statement partly reads.

“It’s upon this background that The Alternative Social Movement in conjunction with the Red Top Brigade Movement and Uganda Poor Youth Movement have considered to effect a peaceful Anti-Corruption walk in the country’s capital Kampala city against this vice as a mean to name and shame the corrupt government officials, government agencies, and or ministers at large,” The Alternative’s National Coordinator, Mr. Norman Tumhimbise added.

According to him, the walk has been commanded by Faridah Bikobere, Lutta Ferdinand, Mukooli Ssali, The Alternative Spokesperson and Deputy legal Coordinator respectively.

The pressure groups urged Ugandans to “join this campaign to demand for accountability because we are convinced that we can no longer trust and entrust the NRM government with our state resources given its thuggery history.”

The Alternative’s press statement.

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