Ngetta Babies Home receives donation from Pakistanis traders

PAU-Lira team hands over items to Sr. Frances. Photo by Frank Oyugi

  • Sister Frances also urges youth to live a responsible life

Lira – Sister Frances, the lead caretaker at Lira Babies Home popularly known as Ngetta Baby’s Home has passionately appealed to the youth to stop living a life of promiscuity that leads to unplanned pregnancies.

Sister Frances says one category of the babies that they are taking care of are those  they find dumped by the road side and other places, and she says this majorly results from teenage pregnancies .

“We have here babies that we picked from dustbins and even from the toilet,” sister Frances told us, and added that this could be mitigated “if young people desist from acts of sexual immoralities where they end up with children they cannot take care of” hence dumping on the street.

She appealed to the young generation to stick to education which will offer them requisite skills for lucrative jobs which will also ensure that they do not only produce at the right time but also have enough resources to take care for their children.

Sister Frances made this remarks while delivering her “thank you message” to representatives of Pakistan Association Uganda – [PAU] Lira who delivered an assortment of items for the babies at the Catholic founded center, based in Ngetta Mission [sub-county].

Comprising of nun milk, posho, beans, sugar, pediatric medicines and toys, among others, this was a contribution worth over shillings 2 million and were delivered on New Year by PAU-Lira.

Agha Aslam, the media coordinator and Ateeq Nawaz, the president of the Pakistan Association were among those that led the delegation to Ngetta Babies Home.

“This is our second time and we are very happy to be here,” Aslam first his statement at Home.

Mr. Aslam said they were able to donate the items because of the help of their philanthropic business men in Lira, some of them dealing in electronics and sports kits like; Buht Sports center, and some of whom picked up to half a million shillings.

According to Aslam, they feel compelled to contribute to Ngetta Babies Home because it is in line with the teaching of Prophet Mohamed in the Holy Book of Quran.

He [Mohamed], Aslam says: “Teaches humanity to provide and care for those without their fathers and mothers.”

Aslam also said by contributing to provide for the needy children, one gets blessings. “If you have any kind of sickness, or any kind of problem, come and donate to Lira Babies Home and Allah will bless you and you will be successful,” Aslam prophetically opines.

Also, Mr. Ateeq Nawaz, the president of the Pakistan Association Lira said they would continue to contribute and support Ngetta Babies Home yearly, but also urged other communities to emulate their effort.

“We are only about 50 businessmen under this association but imagine if other people also come up and join hands, we would make tremendous contribution,” the association President said.

The center is currently a home to 56 babies below the age of three as explained by sister Frances.

She says these comprise of babies orphaned at birth, those thrown by their parent, others from families suffering domestic violence and some are withdrawn from mothers with mental illnesses.

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