ANNOUNCEMENT: Oyima clan rejects MP Maxwell Akora

By Denwal Aden

The much advertised announcement by MP Maxwell Akora for his installation as a clan head of the mighty Oyima Clan has been bomb shelled by the Oyima Clan.

In a communiqué to the Won Nyaci of Lango, the Head of the clan and the council of elders of the clan renounced MP Akora for conducting himself in a duplicitous, scandalous and most avaricious manner that falls short of Oyima standards and principles. The MP has been advised to stick to national politics and not wreck confusion in the clan.

Following this development, the clan has officially notified the Lango Cultural Foundation not to take part in Akora’s ritualistic ceremony slated for Dec 28th, 2019 at Wangcenye in Akokoro since the matter is in the High Court of Lira under case no 22/2019.

The MP however runs a high risk of possible excommunication from the clan should he go ahead with his ritualistic ceremony against the advice given to him by the clan. Rumours making rounds has it that the MP is planning to swear himself as the clan head of a new clan he will call Iero Ibele clan.

However, the Won Nyaci of Lango has subsequently cancelled his earlier plan to attend the ceremony on Saturday 28th DEC 2019 following the communiqué from the Oyima Clan.

 It’s believed the deputy speaker of Parliament of Uganda who was invited to officiate at the ceremony will not be attending the function due to the confusion surrounding it so as not to taint the image of the August House.

Below are excerpts of the communiqué to Won Nyaci of Lango and the Lango community worldwide.

The writer is the public relations officer of the Oyima Clan.

DISCLAIMER: TND News has no interest in spreading or supporting any side [group] in the current cultural power wrangle in Lango. The publication remains committed to informing the public on any affairs in the sub-region and beyond.

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