Dokolo chief speaks out on wrecked car

A Ford car being towed to Dokolo Police last week. Photo by Odur JP

District Councillors are not investigators nor policy implementers – Musafiri Suwed, the district information officer for Dokolo has said.

Mr. Suwed who was speaking to TND News about the circumstances under which a vehicle previously used by the district chairman got an accident, and an inquiry started by some Councillors, told us that it is the police mandated to conduct investigation.

Whereas some Councillors claim the car was illegally granted to a driver who cruised it to accident – and the district will be forced to pull shillings 5m to repair it, Mr. Suwed denies.

TND News has also learnt that some Councillors have kicked off investigation and are to give affirmative report once concluded.

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According to him, a vehicle – a Ford Pickup model with registration number LG0018/ 028 was duly given to one of the district staff [Engineer] who was traveling for his graduation at Kyambogo University.

“The CAO gave him the car officially. There is no foul play there,” Musafiri further speaks, adding: “There’s nothing. It was not illegal.”

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