Gen. Moses Ali applauds WENDA and recommended good record keeping

First Deputy Premier Rt. Hon. Gen. Moses Ali launching West Nile's Natural Resources on Climate Resilient Forum [NRCRF] on Friday. Looking on is Minister Grace Kwiyucwiny.

  • The General earlier launched Natural Resources on Climate Resilient Forum [NRCRF] alongside State Minister for Northern Uganda.

Zombo – The West Nile Development Association [WENDA] – a regional initiative of West Nile development actors concluded their two day assembly on Friday in Paidha Town Council, Zombo district.

Comprised of all districts’ LC5, LC3 chairpersons, Municipal Mayors, CAOs, RDCS, academic experts, government officials, among other stakeholders, WENDA convened the assembly, in which an update report on WENDA-ACAV Fruit Growing project in West Nile was communicated.

At the same event, an update on WENDA-ACODE Partnership on Natural Resources on Climate Resilient Forum [NRCRF] was also launched jointly by First Deputy Premier Minister, Rt. Hon. Gen. Moses Ali and Honourable Minister of State for Northern Uganda, Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny.

Dr. Anthony Buyinza Mugeere, from the Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment [ACODE] in his presentation says NRCRF was formed on October 7th 2019.

Its main aim is to strengthens climate resilience in the sub-region. The membership and partners are WENDA and ACODE executive members.

Speaking to the assembly, Minister Grace Kwiyucwiny asked West Nile leaders to work with her so she can take them to different ministries to address problems within their districts.

“I expect where NUSAF intervenes the people should not be the same. If we remain as people who didn’t get the support, where is the value addition and appreciation?” she asked.

According to the region’s Minister, government has pumped a lot of money in northern Uganda but the “most poor people are from the region”, adding that: “And I’m not happy.”

On being a role model farmer, she says with courage: “What triggered me and I emphasise that we want more from government. Those who visited my garden [tea] yesterday [Thursday] is that I wanted to be an example – but I was like any other body who had neglected their gardens.”

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A real tea farmer with about 100 hectares of green leaves, Minister Kwiyucwiny told WENDA assembly that beans and cassava “can’t make you reach”, an indication she was wooing leaders [parents] to embark on tea project.

“Most of the youth don’t have income and they rely on us parents. How are we going to support them?” she asks.

With poor road networks in the sub-region a big issue – and was raised in the meeting by stakeholders, she says out of 18 roads countrywide the President has directed funds be obtained for its upgrade, four are in West Nile sub-region.

Speaking as Guest of Honour, first deputy premier also the deputy head of government business, Rt. Hon. Gen. Moses Ali commended chairperson WENDO for organising the Friday assembly.

Equally, the Prime Minister applauded State Minister for Northern Uganda, Honourable Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny for promoting unity among people of West Nile.

However, in his inaugural speech, the General talked about a report of two defunct factories in the sub-region, demanding from WENDA Secretariat ‘full report’ to help him follow it up.

“It may be hard for me to follow up on those two factories. It’s the responsibility of WENDA to write to me, even come to my office and we follow it up,” deputy head of government business added.

“Is this meeting every year?” he asks. There must be good record and follow up; what to be followed up,” he gave counsel.

The Guest of Honour, Gen. Ali also says there are two security roads deliberately ‘built’ by UPDF during the insurgency. He says it joins ‘us from Amuru to Pabbo’.

Mr. Ali who says he’s the northern Uganda ‘cock’, told the gathering that there are “18 must be financed district roads for President Museveni”.

After he officially closed the assembly, the ‘Northern Cock’ received festive season’s gifts from Northern Uganda Minister. The gifts were; a full basin of Irish potatoes, a full basin of onions and a healthy he goat.

1st Deputy Prime Minister [in cap] receives his gifts [M] is Minister Grace Kwiyucwiny and Alur Kingdom Premier handing over.

Also, but prior, the 1st deputy premier had also been given a box containing Zombo Roya Tea – the best from West Nile. The donation was given to the Guest of Honour by Alur Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Vincent Ochaya and Mr. Edwin Atukunda Beekunda, the director EFOTI Ltd whose company is processing, adding value and packaging ‘Royal Tea’ for the Alur Kingdom.

Gen. Moses Ali with a box of Zombo Royal Tea handed over to him by Alur Kingdom Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Vincent Ochaya [R]. Holding the microphone is Mr Edwin Atukunda Beekunda whose company EFOTI Ltd is behind Royal Tea. Smiling [2nd from L] is Minister Grace Kwiyucwiny.

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