MP Amoru addresses China Africa Friendship Group in Beijing

Beijing, China – The head of delegation of the Ugandan Members of Parliament visiting China, Hon Paul Amoru Omiat on Tuesday addressed a high profile gathering in Beijing.

Mr. Amoru who is also a Member of Parliament for Dokolo County North, in his address implored the Chinese government and investors to prioritize rapid investment in agricultural sector directly through “long term affordable financing to help grow the sector that employs over 80 percent of the Ugandan population”.

MP Amoru says this will accelerate impacts and significantly enhance the drive towards socio economic transformation of the Pearl of Africa, hence reducing the poverty levels.

The Lawmaker was addressing first meeting of the delegation  of Members of Parliament from Africa under Forty Five Years and members of the China Africa Friendship Group.

He further wooed the investors and Chinese government to take keen interest in investing in other areas like  energy, health, education and affordable housing in Africa, with specific interest in Uganda.

He also commended China for its honesty and efforts; support to tangible development efforts in Uganda and across Africa.

The Vice chairperson of the Communist Party of China and the Head of the China Africa Friendship Group, H.E Zhenwei Wang said the visit by the delegation of  Members of Parliament from Africa will “enhance the promotion of the common interests and development agenda between China and Africa”.

MP Amoru Paul (2nd from L) addresses the meeting yesterday. Courtesy photo.

Mr. Zhenwei added: “China values its relationship with Africa and meeting with the Members of Parliament will help young African leaders understand the political and social conditions in China.”

He says China is fully committed to doing all  it can, “despite the unfairly critism by the West”, adding that: “It will create a community of shared future and China upholds fairness while pursuing cooperation with Africa.”

He added China does not seek to import its political or social model to other countries as its system is born on social, political and economic situations of the Chinese.

The delegation of the MPs under “Fourty Five Years” are in China for a working tour of one week at the invitation of the Communist Party of China.

It’s hosted by China Africa Friendship Group.

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