Lira politics: ex mayoral aspirant, George Mawa to vie

Mawa George addresses press at Palms Garden Hotel in Lira town in 2015. File photo.

The 2021 political races are getting hotter and fierier each day. Those trounced in the last elections have nursed their wounds and are yet again ready to face the challenge.

In that notion, coupled with realities, the Lira politics has been for attention-grabbing, backbiting and ‘money speaking for itself’.

George Mawa, the former councillor, representing the people of Barogole parish in Ojwina division to Lira Municipal Council, and the 2016 Mayoral aspirant on NRM ticket has announced his intention to ‘save’ Lira Municipality in the next polls.

Using his social media account, Facebook, Mr. Mawa said:

“Am on my way to bring to an end corrupt leadership in Lira Municipal 2021-2026 is our time.”

“Am aware of the pain people of Lira Municipal are in as result of electing weak political head.”

“READY for Mayorship.”

Speaking to TND News on Sunday afternoon, George Mawa – who’s a renowned mogul in Lango sub-region, and former works and technical services chairperson at Lira Municipality, says he has been tested politically and, in many ways.

“We are heading towards a city status; we need a free and vigilant leader who is not a corrupt person. When something is just growing, it needs somebody who is corrupt free – and George Mawa is the only one,” he said.

During his time as chairperson works and technical services, Lira Municipal Council, Mr. Mawa was in the news often for exposing corrupt leaders in Lira metropolis.

He supervised, took keen interest in the USMID projects and roared against the vice. On Sunday, he tells this contemporary digital newspaper USMID Project was able to succeed to some extent because he was “vigilant”, adding: “I have been tested.”

He also says Lira Municipality needs a servant who will serve the people diligently; a hardworking person and someone who sees hygiene and sanitation of a town as a priority agenda.

“I’m the first person to introduce hygiene and Sanitation Company [British Hygiene Care] in Lango sub-region and all of northern Uganda. If I can manage British Hygiene for almost 20 years with no sign of collapse then I have the capacity to lead Lira Municipality with hygiene and sanitation my key priority,” Mr Mawa, the executive director of British Hygiene Care, added.

A member of NRM’s National Executive Committee, Mawa believes he will hold the ruling party flag in the 2021 Lira Municipality Mayoral race.

The current Lira Municipality Mayor, Mike Ogwang Olwa Veve has been accused by his own council and some members of the public of corruption.

Mid this year, Mr. Veve Olwa, ex- Town Clerk Assy Abirebe, his deputy, Patrick Ogwang and others were arrested by State House Anti-Corruption Unit over the vice.

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