PICTORIALS: Lira University continues to strengthen global partnership

Lira University's Prof Opio Okaka Dokotum [2nd from R] and Ms. Joy Acen [2nd from L] with staff of Midwifery Department at the Sint Niklass University campus. Courtesy photo.

Brussels, Belgium – Lira University is one of the newest yet fast growing academic institution in northern Uganda. From academic perspective to infrastructure, and now global partnerships, the university is taking all possibilities to stay more competitive in the academic world.

Less than a month after holding bilateral partnership in London where he met a number of diplomats, including Uganda’s Ambassador to United Kingdom [London], His Excellency Julius Peter Moto, University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Associate Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum is in Belgium – on a partnership building visits.

“Deputy Vice Chancellor Lira University, Assoc. Prof. Okaka Opio Dokotum is on a partnership building visit to campuses of University Odisee at Brussels, Gent, Alst and Sint Niklas in Belgium. He is accompanied by Head of the midwifery Department, Ms. Joy Acen,” the University announces on her official Facebook page.

Pictorials herein  

Associate Prof. Dokotum [L], Ms. Joy Acen [3rd from R] pose for a photo with students of Midwifery at University of Odisee Sint Niklass Campus.
Prof. Dokotum tours Engineering Department at the University of Odisee Alst Campus. Courtesy photo.
Staff of Midwifery Department at Sint Niklass Campus. Courtesy photo.
Coordinator of the simulation center at University of Odisee, Mr. Wouter Coussement demonstrating to Ms. Acen Joy how simulation process works. Courtesy photo.
Ms. Joy Acen [L] interacting with lecturers of Nursing at Sint Niklass Hospital affiliated with University of Odisee. Courtesy photo.

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