Forceful Arrivals: A 132 paged book recounting decades of LRA atrocities

Lira Quite a number of authors have authored the massive killings, destruction and abuse of human rights by LRA soldiers onto the people of Northern and Eastern Uganda.

And with the guns now silent, businesses now as normal, children and students going to schools, among others, there are still much to be described – for the current generation and the next, to know really, what happened.

In a new book, Forceful Arrivals scheduled for its launch in May next year, Ajwer Norman Ocen, 21 year old explains in a poetic tone what transpired.

Before we brings his narrations, termed a “rebellion to self-preservation”, the LRA began as an evolution of ‘the Holy Spirit Movement’ – a rebellion against President Yower Museveni’s ‘oppression’ [as per international authors] of northern Uganda. It was led by Alice Lakwena. When Alice Lakwena was exiled, Joseph Kony took over, changing the name of the group to the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA.

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Now, Forceful Arrivals – according to Ajwer is “a collection of emotionally packed, brilliantly laid and realistic literary master piece in the poetic world, capturing the horrors of the over 20 year old LRA war waged against the people of northern Uganda.”

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During that period, he says “countless killings, torture, maiming, abduction, rape and immeasurable act of barbarism were meted on the innocent civilians irrespective of their demographic apportionment.”

“The book also looks at the history of how the war started; massacres and its effects on northern Uganda. It brings the tribulations and possibility of forever flourish peace. It’s a 123 page book,” he told TND News, Tuesday.

Ajwer Norman Ocen is the recipient of the prestigious BBC ICON Challenge Award which honoured the best Ugandan secondary student journalists for their excellence in both print and broadcast aspect of mass media.

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