“Stop being lazy and idle” – Rt. Rev. Prof. Alfred Olwa tells UCIPD graduates

UCI Chairperson Governing Council, Rt. Rev. Prof Alfred Olwa delivers his graduation speech on Friday.

Lira On Friday afternoon, at least 418 students graduated from Uganda Christian Institute for Professional Development [UCIPD].

The graduation took place at Uganda Christian Institute [UCI] graduation ground located in Central Division, Lira Municipality.  

The graduation ceremony was graced by Rt. Rev.  Professor Alfred Olwa, the Bishop of the Diocese of Lango, who’s the Chairperson Governing Council of Uganda Christian Institute [UCI]. UCIPD is an affiliate of a mother academic institution, UCI.

The academic ceremony saw students graduating with disciplines in various fields like; Information and Communications Technology [ICT], Business Administration, General Agriculture, Social Works and Social Administration, Procurement and Logistics, Stores and Records Management, Crop Production and Management, among other courses.

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Rt. Rev. Professor Alfred Olwa challenged the graduates to work hard and stop being lazy and idle after graduating.

“My dear graduands [said before passing them out], as you go out into the market place, I have a question for you; what is your attitude to work as a Christian or persons created in the image of a working God?” “We need to emphasise that hard work has its rewards, laziness and idleness have consequences.” The Chairperson Governing Council counsels.

Parents and relatives carry their son after successfully completing his studies at UCIPD.

His other message to the graduates was from 2 Thessalonians 3:4 which says: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”

Prior, Mr. Sam Omara, the UCIPD Executive Director urged the students to be innovative and never be idle lest they will join the ‘no job group’.

“Find somewhere to volunteer your services and that will give you the opportunity to show the whole world that you have the employable skills. Take note that life is hard on those who makes life soft,” he said.

Mr. Omara further warned those who were to be graduated from engaging in corruption acts.

“Never rejoice for things you have acquired in a bad way but be happy for any small thing you get transparently for God will bless you,” Mr. Omara’s message on Friday.

He noted that Uganda Christian Institute believes in raising good and quality professionals with “sound Christian values”.

Professor Edward Komakech, the Dean Faculty of Health Sciences at Lira University, while speaking as the Chief Guest discouraged the graduates from living what he termed as “reckless behaviours”.

“It is basically hard work; being visionary and doing extra things that others cannot. Stop behaviours that dangers your life, make correct choices that will make you progress in life,” he said.

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