Lango’s top academic institution, UCIPD to hold 4th Graduation this week

Rt. Rev. Prof. Alfred Olwa [M] is the Chairperson Governing Council speaking at last year's graduation. A UCI Photo.

Lira Uganda Christian Institute for Professional Development [UCIPD] – Lira is scheduled to hold its 4th graduation ceremony on Friday – 6th December, 2019.

The higher institute of learning will be passing out 418 students [graduands] in various academic disciplines.

“Congratulations to all our students who successfully completed their Diploma and certificate programs at UCIPD; we welcome you for the 4th graduation ceremony at UCIPD campus, graduation ground on the 6th December 2019,” Bonny Ferdinand Okello Alele, Executive Director, Uganda Christian Institute of Nursing and Midwifery [UCINM] also doubling as Head, Directorate of Communications, Uganda Christian Institute [UCI], the mother to affiliate institutions UCIPD and UCINM says.

Bonny Ferdinand Okello Alele, ED [UCINM] also Head, Directorate of Communications, UCI.

In a telephone interview with TND News on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Bonny Alele says of the 418 to be graduated, 202 are females.

“They will be graduating and awarded certificates and diploma in Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology [ICT], Procurement and Logistics Management, Medical Records, Business, among other courses,” he added.

According to him, agriculture course had the highest student enrolment and about 300 will be graduating on Friday.

Mr. Alele adds that UCIPD aims to strengthen agriculture in the region and passing people who can offer extensive services to the sector.

“I challenge our graduands to look at the transformation of Uganda with the skills and knowledge acquired from UCI; go fight corruption and keep off from the ‘get rich quick’; life is a journey but it is the best journey if you are honest in serving your country with clean hand and heart,” Mr Alele conveys his guidance – a head of Friday colorful event.

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“As a region, we have to contribute to the food basket of the country to gain economic status like Vision 2020,” he added.

The graduands will be blessed and soon passed out by Rt. Rev. Prof Alfred Olwa who is the Chairperson Governing Council, Uganda Christian Institute [UCI].

Also, the Guest of Honour is expected to be Prof. Komakech Edward, Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Lira University.

The graduation ceremony will be taking place at UCI graduation ground, starting at 10am, institution communication head, announces.

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