Corruption Walk: President Museveni walked with ‘corrupt civil servants’ in Kampala 

President Museveni led the anti-corruption walked on Wednesday in Kampala. Courtesy photo.

Kampala – The Anti-Corruption Walk 2019 will be remembered in Uganda’s ‘civil history’ because those who have deliberately slowed development of the country by engaging in the vice participated in it.

Besides, the walk attracted high profile persona; those in public and private sectors, and ordinary people, alike.

Unlike President Yoweri Museveni who has recently said he has never bribed, been, bribed,those [some] who joined him in the walk on Wednesday have swindled huge funds meant for different government projects.

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Under the theme: “A Corruption Free Uganda Starts with Me”, the walk was held to raise awareness on the dangers corruption offers and government’s efforts to fight the vice and seeing perpetrators punished.

Speaking as a chief walker and a guest of honour at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds where he spoke to the country, President Museveni said the country has got many laws to fight corruption despite the fact that it has not been achieved due to poor implementation policies.

President Museveni delivers his address on Wednesday.

“The problem is in implementing and I think the mistake was in the recruitment in the office of the IGG and Nakalema’s office and URA. Never recruit people based on qualification, but basing on the integrity,” Mr Museveni directed, adding that “many laws are in place”.

According to the head of State, Uganda has got many people with good integrity, further urging the Inspector General of Government [IGG], Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] and Anti-Corruption Unit to look for such people.

The President who said he’s very rich, with no corruption records likens corrupt officers to parasites for they get wealth they have not worked for.

Uganda’s philanthropic president since 1986 noted: “If you don’t have jobs and income, the temptation is high. Everybody who is able should make sure that people get jobs and they get wealthy.”

He also adds that corruption is caused by “acute needs”, noting that the followings threes; the moral, the spiritual and the material should be addressed.

“Lets us improve our economy and we can speak on the moral and spiritual sides but having addressed the material side of the human needs,” he added.

The President took part in a brief body exercise to ‘kick corruption’ out of Uganda

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