OUTLOOK: Uganda like Arsenal FC, Man U, doesn’t know her first 11

Like Arsenal or Manchester United supporters in Europe, Ugandans are worried. Daily frustration!  Poverty yet we are rich!  We have wise leaders but they can’t think beyond selves especially greedy leaders. 

Author – Mwaka Lutukumoi

I think the politicians we have want Uganda to remain behind other countries in East Africa.  May be they are not our supporters!  May be they are not Ugandans. We are rich yet poor; we have deadly players but because of patronage, we don’t know our first 11!

While our neighbour Kenya is talking of getting rid of tribal politics, we are clandestinely encouraging it under Museveni’s regime.

While Kenyans came together in early 2000 to rid Kenyans of Moism, Uganda is for no change promoting Musevenism!

While opposition in Kenya looks at Kenya, opposition in Uganda especially those in Parliament has made it a bread and butter position! 

From Parliament to President and in opposition now, position is for a few! No one is welcomed. If you try, you are moles and banked rolled by Museveni!  Indeed, this dishonesty paints opposition to the masses and makes the thieving government smile!

Now they know they destroyed anyone who can rally any opposition especially Acholi, Lango, West Nile and entire North. 

By painting Mao a mole and fighting his reputation, the NRA war heroes in opposition has exulted selves and became holier than real opposition.  Now we have no opposition to Museveni.  The only opposition is Bobi Wine; Museveni wants dead and using the same methods he used to divide and destroy Mao, Bobi is facing!

Indeed, President Museveni is devoid of true opposition.  But thank God, the youth whose chance and generation has been gate-crashed by the Musevenism and generation of the 60s, are relentlessly fighting and struggling and continue engaging.

This week in Kenya, Building Bridges Initiative – BBI report was launched!  After thousands of Kenyans died in past elections and the country tribally polarized; the true leaders under Hon Raila Odinga and HE Uhuru Kenyatta came up with a hand shake to unite them. 

They made Kenya’s problem National not personal!  They looked beyond selves and family.  Much as the report, especially President appointing Prime minister to me is flawed, they can correct.  Indeed Kenya is on its high way to everything!

In Kenya they have devolution power!  They are set to get to referendum to determine their future, not like Uganda where a few thieves are paid money to be stupid; change laws from a small room of Parliament after proper beatings.

In Uganda, we live in fear!  Now we must learn; we can live better and we are more peaceful than Kenya.  Museveni, a smart man with high IQ! Who can doubt me? Fools will say, he is compromised.

 But if one man can rule over you so called wise people for 35 to 40 years, do you trust your IQ? Imagine he mentored all powerful people opposed to him now in opposition, he destroyed true opposition and planted his own opposition in opposition! 

He made his son recruit and build the army as he wishes! Now he controls them!  He is a General.  From DPCs to UPDF and all security agencies he is in charge!  From Makerere he started as a joke! 

Now most are rich and pays allegiance.  The west have their interests.  To keep terrorists! He dangles the carrots of peace in the great lakes.

In the past three months, I gave my opinion!  To everybody in politics including religious leaders.  I wrote to Museveni, to Bobi, to Mao, to Besigye and to Ugandans in opposition and in NRM.  I gave my opinion on way forward.

I have a lot to do personally but feel for Uganda.  We can be better.  Look, Museveni over stayed, ‘familied’ Uganda’s polity and made it interesting. 

Like Gadaffi before he was killed, he was richer than Libya. Gadaffi was worth $200 bn and Libya GDP was $74 bn like Kenya!  Roads and infrastructure looked heavens on earth; indeed, through building and ruling for 42 years. If not because of his death, he would be damn richer! I am sure Museveni and all the 1986 billionaire club are that rich?

We have similar infrastructure but most of them take less than a year.  A civil engineer told me a road or bridge must take 40 years!  But in Uganda, zabu!

But yes. President Museveni must think now before he’s stopped from thinking.  Remember when people are over frustrated, aggression is exacted on an innocent source!

 In 1939, John Dollard educated us on aggression and frustration theory.  If you look at the history of violence in Uganda, the spiral spread, each tribe in power, the leadership after overthrow, the tribe are cleansed! 

But we are Ugandans.  We must unite and set a future.  Look at Kenya!  Aren’t you jealous!

Mwaka Lutukumoi


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