North Editors Guild to strengthen Newsrooms

Lira – With a number of media houses opening up, and the rapid growth and influence by social media and now digital news portals, news managers and journalists are constantly under pressure to serve their audiences on time.

 The pressure, is coming out of stiff competition to attract sales, break news, beat editors’ deadline and standing on top of your competitors.

Whereas competition is good – and a healthy undertaking in business, to some extent, it has compromised the quality of journalism and the ethics; further, journalism best practices are being side-lined – perhaps, each day.

This is not the case with all media houses in northern Uganda – many have done – and are doing tremendous reporting.

And because media managers and journalists are the holders of the best journalism practices and servers of news and or information via their media houses, they need to be reminded of the consequences of both good and bad reporting and how the two may affect the society in two ways, not forgetting their audiences and advertisers.

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Chiefly, with intention to uphold better journalism and a ‘pro-people-media’ in the region, North Editors Guild (NEG), an initiative of GLCSMS LLC and TND News has been formed.

The Guild shall have membership from print, electronic and online media houses, including freelance journalists in the region who will all be working towards ‘strengthening our newsrooms’ on daily basis.

With both financial and material support from GLCSMS LLC and donors, the NEG Secretariat will be playing key roles in building the capacity of news rooms and journalists.

This will be done through; twice a year Media Breakfast Meetings [All], Quarterly Guild’s Roundtable [Editors only], Trainings & Conferences [All], Media Fellowship [All], Story Grants [All], Internal Meeting [All], Exchange Visits [All], among others.

From 15 -16 February 2020, NEG Secretariat will convene half a day Breakfast Meeting for Media Managers and Journalists in Gulu and Lira Towns respectively.

Talking about NEG, Milton Emmy Akwam, Founder and CEO of GLCSMS LLC and TND News says Media plays key roles in setting constructive discussions or a debate for her audiences.

“A supported Media house, journalist will do the right things. Support must not be to compromise but to empower media to operate independently without censorship in order to reduce public criticisms,” he said.

“This is an addition to different programs and projects we have for media in the region and for our consumers. Annual Media Conference, Real Story Award (RSA) have all been introduced in recent months,” Mr Akwam reveals.  

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