Gov’t applauds China, to support Uganda’s Mindset Academy

Prime Minister Dr Rugunda with Governor of the People's Government of Hunan Province of China HE Xu Dazhe at his Office recently. Courtesy photo.

Kampala On behalf of the government of Uganda, the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dr Ruhakana Rugunda has applauded China and her government for positive mind-set transformation and generosity.

The Premier, who’s also head [leader] of government business, says he won’t be shy talking about China’s transformation and how she’s lifting many countries out of poverty.

Dr. Rugunda was speaking as a Chief Guest during the launch of National Mindset Transformation Initiative [NMTI] on Tuesday 12, October, 2019.

The NMTI, an initiative of Mindset Academy – a non-political, religious and not for profit organisation was launched at Skyz Hotel in Naguru, a Kampala suburb.

“I was able to join you after receiving an invitation from my good friend Ndugu Taris Kabwogyere. I think this initiative that you and your colleagues have taken to be able to examine this issue of mind-set and mind-set change is an urgent issue which needs thorough examination so therefore, as we move to impact on it, we are impacting fully aware of the implications of mind-set and mind-set change,” the Premier started his speech.

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He continues: “We who are actively involved in the development services is critical that people should examine  their mind-set and in fact change  their mind-set in order to be able to deliver policy effectively to the wananchi or else you remain. stereotypes; forms of service delivery so that we remain above the population that you are indeed intended  to serve. But then the question of mind-set; mind-set is by itself a very controversial issue because mind-set can be positive, who can spare me; can be pro people or can be anti-people.”

According to Dr Rugunda, the other area of mind-set change was 1949 when China became liberated. He recalled that China was one of the backward countries, which we used to learn about, “if you wanted starvation you go to China, if you wanted the beggars the country you go to was China, very negative things but as we very well know, the Chinese struggled to liberate themselves and steady people”.

That leadership under the chairmanship of the communist party of China, he says was able to struggle against internal and external reactions and they were able to liberate themselves.

“The fact that China which had been weakened was having so many problems, had its people mobilised that they could after all not only cause liberations within their own country but also transform [and if we are to use the word transformation] there is no doubt that China shared example of the transformation.”

“I will not be shy to talk about it because sometimes you know – because of neo-colonial denomination we are even scared to always call a spade a spade. If you don’t want to talk about progress of Chinese people and or Chinese revolution has made, because you know this may not be in line with the traditional line of thinking but the movement has liberated their country.”

“Anyway, China therefore has had not only mind-set change but has used that change to change the conniption in China for the better of the population; it has brought prosperity to the people of china because china is the leading country in reducing poverty, on pushing people out of poverty to prosperity and this is the results of the positive mind-set change the Chinese communists party.”

According to the Premier, China had to change their mindset in order to reach where they currently are.

He commended Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere, the Chairperson of NMTI and his team because what they are doing is one way of “recruiting more cadres to reinforce towards the process of positive mind-set change for Uganda and African” and in that respect, he added: “What we are struggling for in the National Resistance Movement and what you are struggling for in this initiative are converging and since they are converging you will therefore get our support.”

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