Gen. Elly Tumwine be humble, you’re a good man!

Asuman Odaka.

I have seen a loathsome and contemptible comments attributed to my former friend, the good General and the Minister for security warning the students of Makerere University and affirming to the country that they (soldiers) will do to them what they did to them. Which I thought was unfortunate.

Of course, what they did to the students included brutal beating, destruction of both students and university properties, sexual harassments including allegation of rape which the good general did not need to associate with either directly or indirectly.

I find it ownership of serious atrocities. But without going legal, let me offer a purely moral advice to the man I once loved listening to.

1. Gen., when you go to back to your beautifully designed house you remove your uniform and hang it up on the wall opposite your bed.

Before you sleep, take a good look at it and ask yourself…. “What happens if you don’t wear the uniform and try to enter any army installation without it or the escorts?” “Will you be saluted?” Am sure you will be stopped at the gate and questioned!!!

And if another person wears your same uniform and walks past the quarter guard he will get a salami shastra!

So whose salute do you think it’s yours or for the uniform?  The answer is that the salute is not for you; it’s for the uniform which made you what you are but remember it’s not going to be yours forever!! It will go away one day.

2. Every day when you finish work am sure you make every one leave your office.

Try getting up from your chair, walk across to the other side, sit down and look at your chair (current position)

There were so many orders you passed today thinking they were very important. But tomorrow someone else will sit on that same chair and rubbish all those orders!

The orders you passed thinking you were an important person was actually the chair which was passing them yet it’s not going to be yours forever!!! It just gave you some temporary powers which will be gone the moment you leave the chair!

Therefore, General, use the powers given to you by that chair and uniform judiciously to inspire those coming next in that positions. 

Use it to write your name in GOLD, use it to wipe away tears in our society.

Use it for nation building and not to prove your superiority!

Like General Mugisha Muntu once said, and I quote: “Use it to plan for the days you will not be able to have it.”

The writer is an aspiring MP, Tororo Municipality 2021

WhatsApp: + [256]753195384


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