Lira politics: Santa Angella on LC5 seat, fearless reactions to district boss Alex Oremo

Ms Santa Angella has vowed to challenge Alex Oremo Alot in 2021 polls. Courtesy photo.

Lira – Ahead of 2021 polls – politicians who have prior worked together, shared opinion and strategies have started issuing bitter words gradually. This is because one is showing interest to unseat the other or, because that contender is a ‘measly’ woman.

This notion is being discussed in Lira district, and Lango in general after Alex Patrick Oremo Alot – the LC5 chairperson openly told once a very close, tight friend, Santa Angella not to try contesting against him come 2021 elections.

Not about to retire – Lira LC5 chairman Alex Oremo Alot. File photo.

According to Mr Oremo – Santa Angella who’s a woman councilor representing Ngetta and Adekokwok sub-counties will not be accepted and voted by the electorates.

 “Lira district is like United States of America. No woman has never ruled America as president, and if you check in the archives, there has never been any woman who has led Lira as district chairperson and Santa Angela should forget,” our media partner, 94.3QFM reported.  

However, speaking to TND News on Saturday 2, November 2019, Santa Angella who is resolute and ready to defeat Mr Alex out of office, said the district boss has never lived in America and must therefore recollect the types of politics America plays.

“He may be forgetting because he has often attended meetings about women empowerment. He has been invited many times,” she started responding on a slighter tone.

She added: “There is nothing happening in United States and a dark continent like Africa must copy. If the chairman – my boss and a father is saying that, let him apply American politics where you serve for only two terms and relinquish office. He [Oremo] should.”

“Nothing stops a woman contesting as Lira district chairperson. If because of knowledge, women and men sit in the same classroom,” female councillor Angela continued.

“I try to look for what makes a man braver than a woman. If you recall, in the Bible – Adam did not do what he should have as a man and Eve was brave.”

“I have already shown my interest, my own ambition, I have perused all local government procedures, local government act and I understand them,” a councilor for more than 10 years stated.

On educational qualifications: “For chairman, I don’t know his qualifications but me, I am a graduate.”

According to her, leaders come and go. She further referred to the Bible, saying: “There is time for everything.”

“We have never got a good female speaker of Parliament like our Rt. Honourable Rebecca Kadaga. Men contested against her and they gave up,” Honourable Angella on why women are equal and better leaders.

“I’m not doing this because of any personal issues with my boss but out of experience, knowledge and consultations. Many have told me you are the kind of a woman we want to lead Lira district.”

On who gave her the morale most to contest as district chairperson, Ms Angella named Mr Alex Oremo as her number one seconder.

“Even the chairman begged me prior to 2016 elections that I give him only one term because then I was to contest against him. He gave me assurance and I started to prepare myself for 2021-2026 polls. He even told people in Adekokwok sub-county that he would upgrade to be an MP.”

On working with chairman Oremo as a member of the district executive committee [DEC] and what she can remember, the Lira LC5 chairperson’s hopeful said it was a collective work but never was anybody allowed to say anything out.

“What I know from him is that he loves telling lies, and he loves nepotism and never open to other side. That’s what I have been observing,” Angella says the ‘Ins and Outs’ of incumbent chair, Alot.

“In the DEC, when you tell the truth, you don’t survive – you must honour him and tell his lies,” she added.

Asked what happens if she’s not elected a UPC flag bearer and Oremo wins the primary election, she responded with optimism.

“I’m very optimistic to be a flag bearer. I’m very, very optimistic to be a flag bearer.” She ended with a message to Mr Alex Oremo, telling him to apply American politics in Lira and relinquish office – since Barrack Obama who was good like him, served for only two terms and left The White House.

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