Museveni warns universities against offering courses like ‘Women Study’

President Museveni installs Prof Benjamin Odoki [seated] as the First Chancellor of Lira University on Friday.

Lira – Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has cautioned universities in the country against offering courses without market.

Mr Museveni says such courses produce more unemployable graduates.

The President explains that with limited jobs available, unlike science courses, university should stop offering courses such as ‘Women Study’ that makes one unemployable even if he or she passed exceedingly.

Drawing from the science of discovery of fire, more than one million years ago, Museveni accordingly advised universities to teach science courses than wasting resources on arts courses.

The head of state was speaking in Lira University during the installation of the first Lira University Chancellor, Professor Justice Benjamin Josses Odoki this afternoon.

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The President also commissioned a 9.1 billion shillings Lira University Teaching Hospital, constructed with funding from African Development (ADB).

During the same function, the first lot of 190 students of the university also graduated in various disciplines.

“Lack of technological development in Africa has made her to lag behind in terms of development and human prosperity,” the President notes.

He cited the 1911 Lamogi rebellion which he said the “fighters lost the battle against the British because they had inferior weapons compared to that of the British”.

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