B.H Okot tells TND News why he’s the next Northern Youth MP

BH Okot [M] with youths from other political parties in Africa in Arusha - Tanzania.

Lira – The 2021 elections will be the fieriest of all past elections in Uganda.

This is because of too much demands to replace serving legislators by new faces.

The forthcoming polls – starting with campaigns – will also be dominated by youths, many of whom are unemployed or if they are employed, the pay is of no value to them and can’t tug down their trousers.

One of the youthful aspirants seeing the Northern Uganda MP seat and calling it ‘his’ come 2021 polls, is Boniface Henry Okot.

Mr Okot, a 27 year old Engineer by profession thinks the current youth leader, MP Oscar Omony Otema has done his part and must relinquish ‘his office’ to him.

MP Omony’s challenger who currently works with the ruling party – NRM party secretariat shared his political aspirations with TND News early this week. Below are exclusive conversations.

President Museveni Yoweri extends his hand to Boniface Okot at a function last year. File Photo.

Qtn. Briefly tell us who you are.

Ans. I was born 27 years ago from a humble family in Kole district, Lango sub-region. My father is a dedicated volunteer in the community. I scored aggregate 5 in PLE and was admitted to St Mary’s College Kisubi for my O and A levels where I scored 25 points and I was admitted to Makerere University to pursue a degree in Engineering. I have also attained numerous awards for short courses on leadership and public policy studies.

Qtn. Currently where do you work – any record?

Ans. I have worked for a number of organisations including being a classroom teacher of two different schools in Lango. One of the schools was Royal Academy on voluntary basis. I also worked with The Rise Program Uganda, an initiative that was instituted to strengthen and assist young people develop their talent, capacity and build their self-esteem.

Other place of work include Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

Currently, I serves with NRM Party Secretariat and am also the chairperson of The Progressive Youth Foundation, a new formation that is committed to meaningfully empower the young people.

Qtn. We have heard you are vying for Northern Uganda Youth MP Seat, what has come to your mind?

 Ans. I have kept this ambitions for long. As youths, we need new energy, synergies and a clear voice. This has not been possible and it has resulted in seeing many youth feeling deserted. Above all, it’s high time Lango gets youth MP in Okot Boniface Henry because all other sub-regions have benefited.

Secondly, I have been a leader before; from my primary to secondary schools – from Makerere University, I served twice as Guild Representative (MP) due to my unwavering service to the students. I also served with the Pan African Movement Global Institutions Chapter, Patriotism Clubs, LASA Lango.

Thirdly, I was also a friend and a strong advocate of other students’ groups from northern Uganda: AMSA – Acholi Makerere Students Association, West Nile Students and Karamoja Students Groups

Qtn. With your vast experiences in social and political headship, what pertinent issues do you have for the youth and you will be addressing?

Ans. Restoration of hope and dignity of our youth. The youth from this region must have a vibrant and a committed force. Secondly, economic empowerment of the youth in northern Uganda as a generational mission; ensuring that government expands funding for youth projects and this have to benefit all youth not just a few!

I will within a short time strengthen youth councils, Uganda National Students Associations [UNSA], youth councillors and other umbrella youth movements. The underfunding of these units must be vehemently challenged.

On top of my agenda is advocating for the establishment of a youth centre.

Also, I will advocate for meaningful engagements of the youth in policy formulation process, among others.

Qtn. How do you think your ambitions will favour you?

Ans. I have massive support from fellow youths across the region and they are pushing me. It was my dream to represent them but now – the journey is all ours, excitingly, they have shown me massive support.

We wish you well.

B.H Okot: Thanks TND News for this opportunity.

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