Media Conference 2019: Acknowledgement speech

Guest of Honour, Hon. Minister Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny [middle yellow] with different stakeholders after the official adjournment of 2nd AMC 2019. TND News photo.

Thank You ALL!

It came to pass! On Wednesday 23 October, 2019 – another milestone was achieved. Resolute as I was – together with my brothers and sisters in the media, mentors and idols from different spaces full of great ideas, The Annual Media Conference 2019 was made possible.

What a great achievement we have made? New agendas have been renewed towards transforming northern Uganda, shaping the ‘future’ of each media house, generating new debate with the involvement of all key stakeholders.

In 2016 – we never knew how far we were going, but, at the back of our minds – there was a clear path ahead.

On Wednesday, it wasn’t about numbers, it was about ideas from few. We had the ideas, we noted the ideas generated and we will work on them for better planning and a better 2020 Media Conference.

The 2019 Media Conference held at a prestigious All Saints University Lango – ASUL under the theme: “Roles of Media, Stakeholders in Development and Prosperity.” and attended by hundreds of participants will live longer in my heart, in the hearts of those who considered in pertinent and no stain will cover it. It’s well documented and archived.

Guest of Honour, Minister of State for Northern Uganda – Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny, EFOTI Executive Director Edwin Atukunda Beekunda and Chief Convener, Milton Emmy Akwam [left] after the conference. TND News photo.

To all those who supported us with ideas, financially, materially and by attending the conference, we thank you. To those who wanted to attend but had special engagements, we thank you too – we accepted your apologies and you were well represented.

Now, I must thank the following persons, organisations and companies for supporting us [TND News and Great Lakes Centre for Strategic Media Studies].

Our main sponsors and partner: Horyal Investments Holding Company Limited [Atiak Sugar Factory Limited]. Dr. Amina Hersi Moghe, Long Live You, Long Live Atiak Sugar Factory Limited. The Edwin Foundation Tea Initiative [EFOTI] Limited led by the great Edwin Atukunda, we thank you. Lira Town College, we appreciate your humane contributions toward this year’s media conference.

To our media partners; 94.3QFM Lira and Radio Wa 89.8FM thank you for the live broadcast. Another notable thanks to Sunrise Newspaper, Uganda Science Journalists’ Association [USJA] and HotFM in Amolatar.

I equally, want to thank All Saints University Lango management for allowing us convene the conference at the university even amid their busy academic programs.

To Uganda Police Force – North Kyoga Region’s media department headed by ASP David Ongom Mudong, it was awesome you came and responded to critical issues raised.

Our mother district, Lira district local government, in 2016, you supported us in all ways and again, this year, you did the same by sending us a powerful voice in Hon. Richard Omara Awio, a man who knows media, what journalism is all about, its challenges and opportunities.

Never will I ever forget to thank GLOFORD Uganda under the management of Mr. Morris Christ Ongom – the CEO. He has always supported and guided us. What a resourceful person we have for Lango!

In the same spirit, i thank Prof. Opio Okaka Dokotum, the deputy vice chancellor Lira University for coming. As TND News and GLCSMS LLC, we are fully behind 2nd Lango International Tourism Conference and Lira University and we pledge to support in all ways.

My sister, Akello Beatrice, the Executive Director Child Restoration Outreach; may God bless you and thanks for coming; your input will sharpen the future of education in the region.

Mr. Kabos Tom, thank you – thanks to ASUL for having you. You are a great resource needed by any higher institution of learning.

Prof. A.E Onedo, truly, you’re one kind of very few men Lango must be proud of. Thanks for your ‘lecture’.

Before I make the big thanks to key people, I want to appreciate and thank the followings [Individuals] colleagues/partners and senior media manager.

1. Ms. Magdaline Kasuku – Director Radio Wa and our 2019 AMC super moderator

2. Mr. Edwin Atukunda Beekunda – Executive Director, EFOTI

3. Mrs. Jane Omony – a veteran journalist and our 2019 AMC super moderator

4. Ms. Doreen Acipa – a broadcaster and our 2019 AMC super moderator

5. Ms. Immaculate Amony – pioneer member of AMC 2016 and our 2019 AMC logistics manager

6. Ms. Kortina Akot – Coordinator Northern Uganda Tourism Cluster

7. Mr. Emma Ongia – our talk show hosts [hosted us on Radio Wa for a talk show]

8. Mr. Frank Oyugi – a panelist, organising committee member and director communications

9. Mr. William Balikudembe Odinga – partner, USJA CEO and organising committee member

10. Mr. Leslie Nek Ojom – Manager Human Resource and Operations – 94.3QFM Lira

11. Mr. Isaac Otwii of Daily Monitor and NTV

12. Mr. Ronnie Omara of 94.3QFM

13. Mr. Otii Denis – TND News reporter based in Gulu

14. Ms. Norine Adokorach – TND News reporter based in Gulu

15. Radio Pacis news reporter

16. Radio Unity news reporter

17. ASUL’s students of Journalism and Mass Communications and their lecturers

18. Mr. Andrew Ogwang, News Editor Voice of Lango

19. J. K Olot of 94.3QFM

Last but not least but very important, our keynote Speaker, Hon. Dr. Benson Obua Ogwal, thank you. Am proud you came and made a wonderful address. A resourceful person you’re, I have committed myself and we will do much more for Lango sub-region, region especially in shaping the ‘new media we want’ to transform our society.

Keynote Speaker, Hon. Dr. Benson Obua Ogwal giving his keynote address on Wednesday.

It was wonderful. Dr., accept, on behalf of the organizers, our heartfelt gratitude

To our Guest of Honour, Honourable Grace Freedom Kwiyucwiny, the State Minister for Northern Uganda, it was a pleasure listening to your address and concerns.

We applaud the Office of the Prime Minister where you belongs for allowing you to come and talk to the people of Lango, to the leaders and to the media houses and journalists that turned up in awesome numbers.

On behalf of the AMC organising team, we are indeed indebted and once more i thank you for considering us amid your busy schedules.

Finally, I thank myself and I can say, we will do all it takes to transform our region collectively. It’s not my personal journey, it’s our journey.

May God bless Lango, bless the media houses we have – may God bless ASUL.


Milton Emmy Akwam

Chief Convener, AMC 2019

Chief Executive Officer, TND News and GLCSMS LLC

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