Why Lira Municipality is hosting 2019 Annual Media Conference

Lira City main street from Soroti road. File photo.

Opinion – In recent months when news to have the 2nd Annual Media Conference 2019 was announced, many colleagues and some elites asked me “why we are taking the conference to Lira – Northern Uganda”.

The Author

My answer was very simple.

“Kampala for example, hosts daily high class, profile conferences, meetings, etc. but for Lira Municipality or any other upcountry towns, it’s either once after 60 days or never. If it’s convened, then we are lucky,” I told them.

Northern Uganda, Eastern or any other region in this country should be given equal chances to host important engagements.

Government’s Ministries Departments and Agencies [MDAs], Civil Society Organisations, Companies and other Organizations have to cogitate this matter as key and leave Kampala and surrounding towns for a while (it’s a serious joke).

By doing so, we are promoting neglected upcountry district/towns; sub-region and region and challenging local investors to do much more by improving the quality and standards of their hotels, lodges, guesthouses and restaurants. This will upturn modern infrastructure development leading to prodigious tourism prospect.

That said, holding this year’s conference in Lira Municipality is timely and must be embraced by all stakeholders. Our local transport companies, tour companies, hotel, guesthouses and lodges’ owners, including everybody will be challenged to do the extraordinary to up their businesses.

This meeting will therefore, force business owners to be innovative, hardworking and adhere to good customer care service, among many services.

In a general summary, we are all going to promote local tourism in Lira, boost her local economy – to mention but very few!

This is exactly why me, and a team of dedicated young men and women had to decide this way!

That said, all roads will on Wednesday 23 October lead us to Lira Municipality for the must attend Conference on the theme: “Roles of Media, Stakeholders in Development and Prosperity.”

This is the second Conference after first of its kind in 2016. All are welcome. Venue, All Saints University Lango (ASUL)

The Author is the Chief Convener, AMC 2019

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