Why it’s good to ignore once abused in public

Asuman Odaka.

By Odaka Asuman

Man by nature will never want to be defeated; whether in arguments, fights , contests or competition.

It exacerbatingly becomes worse when emotions are up. The moment for example, you abuse him/her, the person will answer you in an equal, proportion or bigger measure. It becomes worse if it has to be in public because to them, the public doesn’t have to judge him or her as the weaker one.

But think about this: If you were taking a bath and a mad person comes, picks your clothes and runs away with them, will you consider chasing after the mad man or woman? But if you do, in the eyes of the onlookers, who do you think might be suspected to be the real mad person? The mad one running away with clothes or the one chasing a mad person?


Equally think about this: If you were minding your business and a mad man hits you with a stone, do you also pick a stone and hit him or her back? And if you do, do you think you would have left proper ground for the onlookers to judge who is the real mad person?

The answers to the two related questions will certainly be varied depending on the mood and person involved. However, i request that your answer be intelligently considered.

Am not advocating for people not to defend themselves. The right to self defence must be given in every situation.

My point is about people who find it okey to abuse and insult others at ease. If it’s a political disagreements for example, why must one abuse the opponent with ugly head, nose, eyes or even his mother or father instead of focusing on the policy failures and viable alternatives?.

Psychologists have something about abusive people…that they are less intelligent ….s o by abusing or insulting they are filling up for their inadequency of competent arguments and their lack of understanding of contexts.

This is why i would rather say that if a person abuses you especially in public, you don’t answer him or her. You will have denied him/her audience and you will also have given the public an opportunity to know the real “mad” one.

Fools are like pigs. As you are in mud soiling yourself with filth, he is enjoying being dirty. This is because, since you have no experience in stupidity, his insults are to bring you to his level and defeat you with experience.

Some are looking for relevancy and class association.

For those looking for relevancy and class association, their main strategy is that when they abuse you and you abuse back, you become peers, the medicine is therefore to play contempt card against them.

Lastly, you must remember that life is a universal journey and the world is one big bus. Imagine If you are on your journey and along the ways you encounter dogs backing at you, how far would you go and achieve if you decide to stop and throw stones at every dog that backs at you?.

For now let me dedicate to you .. “Just be happy….’

The writer is MP Candidate Tororo Municipality, 2021
WhatsApp: +256753195384

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