Why disappointing behaviours of our ELITES shouldn’t annoy us

Asuman Odaka.

By Odaka Asuman

Although I’m a praticising Muslim, i normally take my time to attend and enjoy some Church service with the faithfuls especially the preaching bit.

I enjoy listening to people from different background speak, because the relevancy of every speech is based on ones background, training, belief, environment and or profession.

This mentality has made me a continuous student of life.

On Sunday 13 October 2019, as always, i was in one Catholic Church in Tororo Municipality where the Priest, in his sermon poured out his disappointment and frustration to the conduct of the ELITES in this country – Uganda.

His case was that we are living in the single most educated and enlightened generation this country has ever had, with the biggest enablers and means of information sharing such as numerous radio stations, TV stations and newspapers, he said that people even move with means and gadgets of information concerning the globe right in their pockets in form of mobile phones or mini computers where they can access and learn about all best practises in all fields that would improve the livelihood of humanity.

In government, we have the single most educated leaders the country has ever witnessed, in civil society, etc. But how come the performance of the educated leaders is so inadequate, so lacking, so shabby and even where they attempt to provide, it’s sub-standard.

For example, if they build the roads, it’s narrow and will be potholed in a short period, in health (hospitals) have only become centres of awarding death certificates and sources of health surveys; in the education sector, schools have become places where children just go devoid of meaningful learning.

The poor are overtaxed as the rich tax collectors enjoy all they have collected but not without telling people how much they have collected and intend to collect even more.

In the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS), justice is dispensed either by process (read torture) or sold to the highest bidder, government workers openly tell the people off “… am not your servant …” and much more.

All that used to be our collective national assets have been personalised by the greedy few, they preach human rights but practice human wrongs in its most named details.

No day passes without hearing of how government officials have stolen billions of what would be of our collective survival.

Those in politics have constructed a mafia style of political operation, and this is across board, in government and opposition parties alike.

The Priest then wondered why a group of people who were educated using tax payers money would turn against their sponsors’ children and grand children to destroy with both physical and policy brute.


As i left the Church pondering on the powerful message of this Man of God, it’s when i remembered the frustration Dr. Besigye once poured against how the Elites are in fact the very people who have betrayed this country.

Whereas those in government do the injustices stated above, those outside government have left the cause to make a Uganda we all desire a struggle of the ghetto people, the same people they despise.

Does one want to study the factors that led to the rise of Bobi Wine? If so, then begin from …. “if Parliament can’t come to the ghetto, we shall take the ghetto into Parliament.”

You may replace the word “Parliament” for State House. These thoughts led me into attempting to interrogate the genesis of what could be the foundational problems here.

This led me into two principle conclusions:

  1. Our education system
  2. The Luwero consesus (this will be for the subsequent piece)

Our education system was not designed to make us think, innovative or improve our lives or our environment. It was purely to ease the work of the exploitative colonial tendencies. It was only to train clerks and interpreters to the white man.

That is why one had to dress up like the white, eat like the white, speak like a white, worship like a white and even produce children like whites do.

They have been taught to despise everything African and in many cases even brand them satanic yet receiving no question from the blacks why that is so.

Their system of life, management is conceived and controlled from the white man’s capitals.

Even when they publically criticise the white man, its only to blackmail them to continue maintaining them in power as they implement policies they neither have powers over or capacity to understand their outcomes.

They have allowed their economies to rely solely on the wheels and whims of the white manman’ss capital and their multinational corporations.

This of course, is a complete departure from the uneducated in the white man’s sense.

Iddi Amin for example seems to have out-performed nearly all the President that Uganda has had in the exception of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote who laid foundation for the current State and government of Uganda, despite his negligible educational level in the white man’s system.

The record of his performance will never be erased in spite of the interest and efforts towards the same.

It’s not uncommon to find a black man tying his neck with some piece of cloth and a black suite in rain because gentleman don’t run yet there will be a white person on the streets eating a cob of maize while walking to his work place.

.. …….to be continued………

For now I can only dedicate to everyone a song by Dan Mugula….” Omulembe

The writer is an aspiring MP, Tororo Municipality 2021

WhatsApp: +256753195384
Email: asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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