Uganda @57: UPC statement on Icons, POMA and Cooperative Unions

In a press statement released on Independence Day, Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party whose founding leader, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (RIP) helped Uganda attained Independence on October, 9th 1962, the Congress saluted key persons whose past efforts are being enjoyed today.

The party, issued the message(s) below. Verbatim!

“As Independence Day cerebrations are underway at Sironko District, under the theme “consolidation of national unity, security, freedom and prosperity”, it is very important to reflect back to the pre and post independent period.

We salute Ignatius Kangave Musazi and Uganda National Congress (UNC) for having had such a grand vision which ushered us in modern Nationalism.

This modern Nationalism was well grounded and guided by a militant and Political motto; “one man one vote, self-government now”. This led to the political campaign that secured our uhuru on 9th October, 1962 under the illustrious, wise leadership of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote and Uganda Peoples Congress, which was founded as a result of the merger between UNC and Uganda Peoples Union (UPU) in Kampala on March 9, 1960. This was a collective effort for a common cause and ultimate victory for the whole country.


The 57 years of Uhuru are weighed or benchmarked on the goals and objectives of our Founding Fathers both in Uganda and Africa. In relation to this Uganda and Africa are at crossroads.

We are more and more balkanized. For instance; Uganda at the eve of Independence had 14 key Sub-regions or Districts, today as we speak we are having over 120 Districts.

Former President and UPC leader, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote. Courtesy Photo.

Our National Assembly at the time of Independence had a maximum number of 90 representatives including nominated members of Parliament, today, we have over 450 representatives. This means national unity is undermined and we go into Africa as a weaker entity too much subdivided.

So we need to rise to the occasion and consolidate our national unity and immediately amalgamate into something like Regional tier.

Our Founding Fathers, who led the struggle to Independence, were not allowed to assemble or associate or express themselves! They were arrested, deported or restricted to remote places or corners of the country and they endured all that as they never gave up.

Today at 57 years of Independence, we are still having serious challenges of holding Political rallies and peaceful demonstrations.

The Public Order Management Act (POMA) is interpreted otherwise and used as a weapon to deny lawful Political gatherings, rallies and meetings across the country.

The welfare of our citizens is experiencing declining standards. We have several hospitals, clinics and health centres but with short supply of Medical Personnel and medicine.

We have several primary and secondary schools, but fewer teachers and teaching aids or scholastic materials. We have our Agricultural produce across the country, but with poorly developed marketing system that exploits an ordinary farmer.


UPC is proud for the people of Bugisu Sub-region to have stood firm and preserved Bugisu Co-operative Union, which directly contributes to the overall prosperity of Bugisu Sub-region. This is not the case with the rest of the country.

For the prosperity to be real and felt; Uganda Peoples Congress demands an immediate restoration of all our Cooperative Unions and the farmers bank; Cooperative Bank. Further, UPC urges Government to consider implementing the National Health Insurance policy as it will give the true meaning of the Ministry of Health’s slogan, “Health is wealth”.

Of late; mob justice, violence is much prevalent in the country. This can be attributed to a wider range of social, economic and Political issues. We are experiencing social breakdown coupled with land evictions, the economy is not working for every one and politics is increasingly becoming a preserve for the rich.

The new wave of criminality has led to the Government to acquire CCTV cameras, initially for Kampala, with plans to extend them to the entire country. Uganda at 57 years of Independence is yet to go on top of the situation. This is a challenge that we should restore security in the people’s minds.

Uganda Peoples Congress welcomes the rebirth of Uganda Airlines and implores Government to restore all key para-statal bodies. All farmers in the country would be glad to hear the rebirth of Coffee Marketing Board (CMB) that used to buy their coffee promptly before being dismantled. Failure to take that direction simply betrays the legacy of our Founding Fathers not only in Uganda but across Africa.

It is such type of efforts that can contribute and/or usher in “consolidation of national unity, security, freedom and prosperity” as they work for the common good.

2 . Dr. A. Milton Obote Memorial Thanksgiving Service/Lecture

Uganda Peoples Congress would wish to inform all Party members and the general public that there will be a memorial thanksgiving service in honour of our founding father of the Nation – Uganda; Dr. A. Milton Obote at All Saints Church Nakesero on Thursday, 10th October 2019 at 3: 00 pm.

This will be followed by a memorial lecture on 17th October 2019 at 3: 00 pm at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Rwenzori Ballroom. The Guest Speaker shall be Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyongo’o.”

For God And My Country

Michael Osinde Orach
Party Spokesperson

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