It’s Uhuru, Museveni stings Western Masters in Sironko

Sironko – In Sironko district on Wednesday, Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni said Africa can fight off the European and American bullies if the continent can unite and have a consolidated voice.

Our President since 1986, Mr. Museveni said Africa has always been “bullied because the various countries stand-alone” but this can “change if they unite”.

He felt for Zimbabwe whose President, Emmerson Mnangagwa he have invited to join Ugandans in celebrating 57 years of “self Independence”.

“European countries have been putting sanctions on Zimbabwe because Zimbabwe is a small man but when the US did it to China, China also put sanctions on them. When you have a problem where someone slaps you and can’t hit back, it is a big problem and that is what Zimbabwe has been facing,” Museveni said.

“When the U.S. tried to put sanctions on China, China did the same by putting counter sanctions on the U.S. and they have decided to negotiate,” he added.


Mr. Museveni said that despite producing a number of goods, African countries will always be cheated if they cannot unite and form a formidable force that can agitate for good prices for their goods.

“You can’t sustainably produce if nobody is buying what you are producing. The Continental Free Trade Area will allow us to negotiate with USA, India, Russia and Asia countries for good prices. For small African countries that can’t stand on their own, continental free trade area is our salvation.”

The President said despite undergoing minimum recovery in the past 33 years, Uganda can only develop if it joins the rest of the region through the East African Political Federation that will form a big market for goods she produce.

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