Will Lira RDC castrate balls of regime’s attackers like he said?

Lira RDC Milton Odongo [standing]. Seated [M] is district speaker Rashid Opio who also bashed him. File photo.

Lira – The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Lira is one man committed to protecting government in power – NRM.

Mr. Milton Odongo, also, is not new to issuing what many say “controversial statements with biasness”.

Early this year, he ordered for the clouser of “all local radio stations” in Lira after the sudden killing of Kole pupil, Dickens Okello (RIP).

The deceased, according to his brother’s account and many accounts (witnesses) was killed by two Pakistani cotton traders on their way home from school in Kole.

Speaking during the burial of his brother, he says the two suspects first enticed them with sweets, biscuits and money – offers they all rejected.

Chaos and protests started in Kole and Lira town as locals demanded for what killed “their boy”.

Then, RDC said some radio stations were going “overboard” with their operations, and or reporting of the nasty espisode.

Early last week, while appearing on the program “Gwec Apoko” on 97.7 FM Radio Unity in Lira town, the RDC issued another warning to “peace breakers” and politicians.

To begin with, he said the mandate of the RDC is to protect the government in power from sabouteours. 

He went on to criticize those saying Mr. Odongo is engaging too much in politics instead of implementing his core RDC mandates. 

“I will castrate anyone trying to destabilize the government in power. Stop saying the RDC is engaging in politics,” local media house quoted RDC.


“There is politics everywhere, it is at home, in the stomach and everywhere,” he added. 

Less than a month after taking over as Lira RDC, Mr. Odongo was bashed by Lira district Council Speaker, Rashid Opio.

The RDC, who, perhaps “fears his job” is at stake, also vowed to block Bobi Wine and his red movement – People Power finding space in “his district” of Lira. 

“I won’t allow any musician in my district to destabilize peace. I will protect the interest of the government and won’t allow anyone take away my job.”  

Whereas he may not physically castrate anyone, like a pig to manage the pressure that comes with it, assuredly and easily, the RDC can use his powers to order for arrest of the “suspects”.

RDC under pressure from youth.

Meanwhile, some youths in Lira district are demanding for the resignation of Lira top security heads.


Mr. Milton Odongo and DPC George Obia have been accused by Lira district youth councilor, James Omara Elem and some youth.

The youth and their leader, Mr. Elem, claim the pair trusted with manning the security of the district have failed in their duties.

The say Lira residents are now insecure. 

“You can not walk on Lira street without your phone or handbag snatched; boda-boda riders are being killed and we have not yet seen any arrest,” Omara Elem said.  

Responding to the pressure, the head of security said it was not the youths who recruited him.

“I don’t have to answer to them,” he sounded.

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